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Easiest Way to Make Your Wedding Vibe Totally Laid-back Seventies Moroccan-style Bohemian Chic?
Bring in the Rugs.


By Alex Ronan
Colorful, worn Moroccan rugs are an amazing addition to any outdoor wedding. They make the space look inviting, mellow, and high-style all at once. Plus, once the wedding is over, you can reuse them to make your newly married home cozy and colorful. According to Zach Zaman, owner of Heirloom Rugs, "incorporating an antique rug or kilim into a wedding ceremony brings a grounded sense of history to an event that has so much to do with looking towards the future."
    1. Random fact: the aisle at Zach’s wedding was decked out with a forty foot antique runner
    2. Check out this pic from the first look book we ever shot!


Check out how these three Stone Fox Brides and Grooms got all rugged out at their wedding — and our own foxy tips for using rugs in your own ceremony, should the mood strike. Hint: if you don't want to trip walking down the aisle, lay heavy shags down on the grass. Lumpy lightweight kilims and high heels are NOT a match made in heaven.


SHAWNA + MIKE: "We decided to get married on the beach but still wanted it to feel really cozy. I love Persian rugs; they're warm, classic, and incorporating one into our wedding gave me an excuse to splurge on one. In the end I didn't even have to do that. I found a very sweet man in a little shop off the beaten path, with an insane collection of vintage Persian rugs.  We probably spent two hours in the store unfolding them, learning where they came from and arguing over which one we could live with for the rest of our lives. I didn't keep anything from my wedding, not even the dress. I hate clutter, but we will love and keep this rug in our family forever."





VADIS + CLAY: "Clay and I got married in my grandmother's backyard. We scattered different types of antique rugs along the aisle and area where we stood during the ceremony. The rugs had a special significance because they were borrowed from many different members and generations of our families who might not have been involved in the ceremony otherwise. I loved the look and the feel of these well-worn heirlooms in an outdoor setting. We also laid out vintage quilts and blankets in a circle around where we stood on the rugs. We asked out closest friends to sit there. It looked both casual and sacred. Being surrounded by our favorite people and all of their good energy in support of our marriage was breathtaking."






MELIA + FRANK: "My mom has been collecting brightly colored Moroccan Berber rugs for years so it was very natural for her to integrate them into the ceremony. We were married in an empty swimming pool in a clearing so there wasn't much of an "aisle" to walk from the nearest building to the pool... my mom made a path of the rugs to create a kind of aisle and protect our feet from the muddy wet grass from the rain that morning. I loved it because it they were a beautiful burst of color but it also felt very casual."