Rice is Nice


Elvis and Priscilla. It was 1967, Vegas. She wore a white silk chiffon dress and voluminous tulle veil. Not to be outdone, he wore a black brocade silk tuxedo.
There's something super sweet about the old school post-wedding rice toss tradition. Like most bizarre marriage rituals, no one quite knows how it originated (it's rumored the pagans thought that the grain could transfer fertility to the newlywed couple), but these days it's as prevalent as ever. (BTW: that whole hippie thing about how tossed rice kills birds? Total urban legend). It's a win-win for everyone: makes for great photos, creates a festive vibe, plus it's an awesome way for agro bridesmaids to work out all that rage they've got for the friend who just ruined the past year of their lives with all those bridezilla shenanigans. Just make sure to grab your grandma's arm on the way out the church. Dry rice can get a little slippery underfoot.
  1. 1961. Rice and confetti mix. For a bit more color, add in dried rose petals and lavender. It’ll photograph well and smell heavenly.
  2.  Carol and Jeff married in the late seventies. The wedding  featured a martini fountain and crazy sideburns. He was still  picking rice out of his ears on their honeymoon in the Cayman  Islands and has since given up the sideburns.


  1. Give vintage clad flower girls and too-cute ring bearers baskets chock full. Guests can each grab a handful.
  2.  There's no such thing as wedding rice. That's called a rip off.  Pick up a big bag at the supermarket and put the kids in charge.


  1.  You'll either end up smiling like a maniac or grimacing over a piece of rice embedded in one eye. Either way, the photo's a keeper.
  2.  Don't be afraid to really pelt them.