Bohemian Heaven

Matt Kliegman and Sophie Green moved from 400 square feet to a Brooklyn brownstone with two fireplaces.

Restaurateur Matt Kliegman proposed to Sophie Green, a yoga teacher and art therapist, while they were drinking wine in two Adirondack chairs by a creek in Upstate New York. Soon after, they exchanged vows beneath a floral adorned chuppah at her family’s farm outside of Toronto. After feasting on lamb chops, string beans and potatoes, guests were lead to a converted 150-year-old barn with a disco ball and bonfire, where they partied until 4:30 am.

It’s no surprise that, months later, when they were searching for their first home together, they landed on a light and airy Boerum Hill brownstone with a chic, country feel. Built in 1890 with wide plank wood floors, original moldings, and two fireplaces, it has a private yoga room, art therapy space, and roof patio.

“I immediately fell in love with the house,” says Green. “So much light filled with the entire space.“ After five weeks of renovation (“basically cosmetic work,” says Green, “refurbished the fireplace, adding new appliances to the kitchen, a walk in closet...)” they left their 400-square-foot Nolita apartment and moved right in. “It’s so liberating to be in a big house,” says Greene. “I knew this was the one the second I saw it.”

Here, Green fills in the blanks to give us the lowdown on life after marriage.

Before I got married, my apartment in the East Village was kind of a mix between artsy and mid-century. I lived with my sister, Deeva, and I spent most of my time at home having dance parties with her.

Boy, was it fun when I moved in with Matt.

When it comes to art, I’m all about the abstract. My partner, though, prefers more realistic work. The most beloved piece of art we own is a Ryan Mcginley photograph of autumn that we bought together from Team Gallery.

The first dinner party we threw together was for Matt’s birthday when we had just moved in. We invited 20 close friends and ordered Jamaican food. The one thing I regret was nothing! We moved from a 400-square-foot apartment to a house, so we finally had the space to entertain.

On a typical Monday evening, we can be found cooking dinner together at home. Saturday afternoons are for taking long walks to Dumbo along the water with our baby, and on Sundays, Matt always cooks me brunch, and we eat ice cream.

The five items you will always find in our refrigerator are eggs, kefir, apples, blueberries, and spinach.

We mostly shop for furniture online, but we love Greenhouse, an antique store in our neighborhood, and ABC Carpet and Home. The most expensive piece we’ve purchased was our couch that cost more than our former Ikea couch and came from Montauk Sofa.

The five items you will always find in our medicine cabinet are sunscreen, SkinCeuticals  moisturizer and face wash, lavender oil, and Q-tips.

I absolutely cannot get in bed at night without flossing my teeth.

The registry item we can't live without is our Heath Ceramics set.

Our favorite room in the house is our nursery because it’s super cozy. We spend a lot of time changing and feeding our baby there.

When it comes to housework, I am the one who always does the cleaning and the laundry.  My partner, on the other hand, does all of the maintenance and most of the cooking. The one thing we can’t agree on is where to leave your socks when you take them off.

The three best organizational tricks I've learned are: 


1. How to have an organized closet. We had zero room in our old apartment so it was important to build something custom for the two of us. We designed it with California Closets. 


2. Use storage up high.


3. Live a lean lifestyle.


I like to spend on child care and personal items, but he cares way more about home improvements.

The most important piece of advice I would give to newlyweds is that communication is key and if you’re hoping to improve your relationship, don’t think kids will do that for you. Never, ever compromise when it comes to making sure you keep each other the top priority at all times!!

In 10 years, we hope for our home to be where we still live, filled with tons of memories from our travels and adventures together.

My design aesthetic is three words is bohemian, country, and chic. My partner’s is the same!

One thing no one knows about our home is that we are repurposing some cool rooms in our basement.

I hope our Airbnb guests don’t find our house since we aren’t on the platform. That would be really bizarre ;)

Originally posted on Pics by Cody Guilfoyle.