Chicks Before Dicks

Fleur Childs, founder of The Artful Bachelorette — an events company that organizes bachelorette parties with live figure drawing —  on champagne, DIY nude sketching, and the time grandma flashed her boobs.

Tips for the guest who might be uncomfortable with their (lack of) drawing skills b) a naked man in the room?
"You don't need to know how to draw to do one of our parties. That's what the Artful teacher is for. She'll walk the guests through a bunch of simple drawing exercises. We start with stick figures. It's her job is to put everyone at ease and make the party fun. The models are all gorgeous of course, but more importantly they are charming and really good at making the guests feel comfortable. Often the guests are more nervous about their drawing skills than seeing a naked man. The complimentary glass of champagne helps calm any jitters. We like to joke that the more you drink the better you draw, or...the better you think you draw. "
Pics by Kristy May
If a bridesmaids party loves the idea of The Artful Bachelorette but doesn't live in New York, LA, or Texas, how can she create her own version of a DIY drawing party?
"The Artful Bachelorette is working on a book: How to Draw the Nude Male Form, for this very reason. After watching thousands of happy women draw at our Artful parties we think women all over the country deserve to have a taste of the Artful experience. The book will have tons of fun exercises that folks can do at home with their friends. As well as gorgeous pictures of our models that they can draw from. I wouldn't advise a DIY nude drawing party at home unless you have an artist friend and a handsome volunteer as I've heard some scary stories of people hiring guys off Craigslist. "

Craziest thing that ever happened at an Artful Bachelorette party?
"We had a grandma flash her boobs. Twice! That was an epic party."

What were you doing before you started the company and what lead you to launch it?
"I moved to New York about six years ago from Australia. I'm an artist and I was looking for a business to start that I could balance with my own art making. After talking to some new American friends looking to organize a bachelorette party that wasn't boring but wasn't tacky, I realized that no one had introduced this concept in New York before. It was instantly obvious to me that I had found my calling. Fast forward five years —  we're now in three states and have had thousands of happy clients draw nude dudes (and also a few nude gals too!)."
How do you diffuse potentially awkward energy once the penis enters the picture?
"The shock of seeing a hot nude dude usually lasts about five minutes. After everyone has had a good giggle they usually focus on the drawing and relax. Figure drawing is a super relaxing activity like knitting, but way more fun. We encourage everyone to go back to the mindset of when they were a kid and they thought all of their drawings were masterpieces. We give everyone permission to not worry about being perfect and to make the space a judgement free zone. Everyone will learn a little about drawing the human form but mostly they'll laugh a lot and have a really good time with their nearest and dearest."

Pics by Kim Myers Robertson