Bling In The New Year Like....

He got down on one knee in a hot air balloon, the ring was tied to the collar of a brand new puppy, they were eating Chinese food in sweatpants, the list goes on. Behold: ten of our favorite Instagram engagement stories from 2016. (Check out all of them since 2012 here! 

1.  She dropped and cracked her phone on the way to the dentist for a scheduled filling. Numb mouth and all, he still insisted on meeting at Grand Central for a day at the Met. On their walk he pointed out a bird pooped on her shoulder. She finally wanted to call it a day but he made her check out one more room which ended up housing an antique jewelry exhibit. Pleased, she turned around to find  him on one knee. She had to use his phone to call everyone.
2.  We flew to Paris for Memorial Day weekend last May. On our first full day, he proposed in the magical garden of my favorite museum, Musée Rodin. We spent the rest of the weekend wandering the city, visiting all of our favorite places we discovered when we both lived in Paris before we met. He found the 1950s Harry Winston ring in Palm Beach,  where we met, and had been hiding it in our apartment for six months.
3.  Proposed in a hotel room in Paris.
4.  He unexpectedly took the dog for a walk and ran an errand as I was laying in bed looking at engagement rings. My dog came into the room with his Bow tie on and the ring was attached.
5.  Proposed with my whole family there, then sat on the beach and watched the sun set. I for sure had the ugly cry going. 
6.  He pretended to have car problems and right before I called roadside assistance, he said all you need to worry about is being my wife. Then we drove to Niagara Falls. He had already made sure I had the next day off of work.
7.  He recreated our first date.
8.  Got down on one knee in the middle of my hometown ice skating rink. 
9.  They were wasted, wandering around Williamsburg, on a freezing cold night in winter. 
10.  They were watching the sunset on their roof of Park Slope and he started stuttering. Then he blurted out "will you marry me"?