Five Steps To A Foxy Updo

 By Liana Prinzevalli


The hairspray helmet, the sparkly pins, the crunchy ringlets, the list goes on and on. No one wants wedding hair...not even on their wedding day. Regardless of the occasion, you should know how to pull off effortlessly gorgeous in a way that’s actually pretty effortless. So here’s an easy, breezy, boho braided style that’ll put even Blake Lively’s perfectly imperfect beachy waves to shame. (Don’t worry: no updo experience required).


1. Separate the top half of your hair and create a loose french braid, leaving the bottom half down.


2. Create two braids with the bottom half of your hair.


3. Overlap and pin all 3 of the braids to the nape of your neck in no particular order so that you’re left with a twisted, messy, braided bun.


4. Pull out a few pieces and curl (without the clamp). Leave out some face framing pieces as well.


5. Tuck in a few flowers above the braids.


That’s all, folks. Now go hang out with your friends and dance like a maniac on a table… your hair will only look foxier as pieces fall out all night long.


  1. Foxy Updo


Super easy, right? I just whipped this up on Rachel in five minutes at the showroom.