Pretty In Pink

Note to your bridal party: best to always keep things cheeky beneath your dresses!

You don’t need to standing in a field of daisies to get Pinterest-worthy pics with your bridal party.  In fact, sometimes our fave bridesmaids portraits are taken in a gritty cityscape against a backdrop of skyscrapers and water towers. Case in point: during one of the coldest weeks on record in NYC, we got together with Stone Fox Bride-to-be and her ladies-in-waiting, asked them pick out their fave hot pink Hanky Panky pieces, then flung open the doors of Marleton Hotel balcony so they could experience some serious good old-fashioned chilling out. Laughter, singing and dancing ensued (Think “New York State Of Mind” meets “Groove Is In The Heart”). Luckily our photog was on set to capture it all. Behold, the result: some super vibrant pics of our pre-wedding muses looking luminous in lace with winter-kissed skin. Afterwards, of course, we had our coziest European flannel robes — and lots of hot toddies! — on hand.

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Pics by Mikey Neff