It's A Wrap!

Creative Director Of Killer Film's Media Rachel Fleit On The Why's + How's Of Tying A Turban


First Things First: Why Do You Wear A Turban?  "I was born with alopecia — which basically means I don't have any hair. I wore a wig every day from 4-18, then stopped in 1999 when I knew it wasn't the right thing for me any more. I started experimenting with scarves then by tying them in large knots in the back of my head. The Nefertiti-inspired silhouette from there."
Do You Wear One Ever Day? "There was a period of five or so years when I stopped wearing turbans because I felt like, on some level, I was still covering my head. It was loaded and a part of my process for self-acceptance; I really need to just be bald for a while. Now I have a better relationship with the turbans —  they have become accessories again versus my way to hide my bald head — we just needed some time apart. In the summer I wear one pretty regularly. It protects my head. The sweaty bald head is not the look I want. It's just not my thing." 
How Did You Learn To Tie One? "Honestly I just figured it out. Maybe it's a past life thing."
Inspirations? "So many. A mix of West Africa, St. Tropez and Queen Nefertiti!"


Where Do You Get Them In NYC? "The Tibetan store in Park Slope on 7th Ave, there's also a beautiful Indian store on Second Ave in the East Village."
Any Particular Kinds? "Cotton. Silk scarves will fall off your head — and they need to be big if you want the shape." 
Why Two Scarves At One Time? "The first scarf provides a bit of a foundation; the second scarf creates the shape."
The Most Interesting Thing That's Happened To You While Wearing A Turban: "Once, while I was waiting for the 1/9 train in the summer of 2000, a very handsome black man referred to me as a 'light-skinned sister'. "