Strong Suit

Stylist Sofia Karvela On How To Ensure That Your Groom Doesn't Look Like A Metrosexual Douchebag On Your Wedding Day.
Stylist Sofia Karvela got married in a pink suit she bought the day before her wedding.
You love suits. You even got married in one. How did that happen? The day before our City Hall wedding, I was pulling suits for a shoot and my husband-to-be was with me. I saw a pale pink suit and was like: "that's my wedding dress".
How do you recommend that grooms to be find their wedding style? Depends if they have a sense of humor. I always suggest being as quirky as possible. Go with a color that excites the bride — hopefully one that also enrages the family of the bride. I like lime and pink. The Black Tux has a good one. Tartan is good too. The goal is to keep the tone as light as possible. I mean, the idea of committing to another human being for the rest of your life is hilarious. Don't get me wrong: love is holy, but actually saying 'I do'? Not so much. Treat the whole thing like a fun party.
What about groom accessories? I'm a big fan of vintage Adidas shoes. Make sure you step on them as much as possible beforehand. I also love a crisp, white Michael Jackson sock. He should wear a watch to make sure he's on time. Nothing should be perfect or coordinated. Only wear a necklace if you wear one if your everyday life. Don't add or remove anything for the sake of the day. If it's cold out, he should wear a black or white leather jacket.
Who is your suit style icon? Jim Morrison. He embodied the rock and roll bohemian perfectly. Even when he got super fat he looked beautiful. I'm also obsessed with John Travolta as Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever. I mean — he is the Scientology of the suit. Once you are in it, it don't come off." 
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