Top Five Fashion Darlings

From Sade To Leandra, these fashion icons never cease to inspire with their style and swagger. By Lucinda Trask.


Dressing has always been really emotional for me. It’s a way for me to communicate my insides to the outside world. Sometimes I change my clothes three times a day based on how I’m feeling. I love working in fashion. I started out on the design team at Zac Posen — and then I started to think of myself as a maker. There’s a lot of democratic participation when you’re making a collection. When you’re talking about fabric or fit you invite everyone in. It’s intuitive and emotional; it doesn't have to be super precious or academic or intellectualized. I also love how sensual and tactile garments are. I read an article once in the New Yorker about how there was art for everything but the sense of touch, and I totally disagree.  Fashion is art you can touch. Fashion is deep. It’s connects people on a profound level. It’s about desire.

Below some of my top fave fashion icons of all time.


1. Katharine Hepburn was the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. She was willing to take risks to feel powerful. Plus, her trousers were always amazing.


2. Lauren Bacall with her perfectly set hair and dark lips is the epitome of the strong independent woman. She played with shape and texture by mixing up bias cut slips with super tailored jackets with kimono sleeves.


3. I always admire Leandra Medine’s style. She seems like she's always having a good time and goes crazy with her clothes; combing them in cool new ways and never wears makeup. Plus, she’s not scared to look awkward.


4. Sade is so beautiful! Love her denim on denim looks. It’s casual but elevated. And the ponytail braid with the big hoop earrings is just too good.


5. Miyako Nakamura — Creative Director and Co-Owner of MM.Lafleur — always looks amazing. She plays a lot with color, proportion and pattern  and she has mastered the art of always looking cool and professional.


Lucinda Trask, Founder of Like-clothing, is currently receiving her MFA at CalArts.