Oh, To Be A Fly On The Wall...

One of the many bummers of being a mere mortal is the very limited number of years we get to spend on this earth...after all, there are only so many decades of wild times to enjoy before we retire to the rocking chair on the front porch to knit and reminisce about "way back when". Ever dream of traveling back in time or far into the future so you could attend the most fab parties and outlandish celebrations ever known to man?  We do. Especially when it comes to weddings. Sometimes we lay awake at nights thinking.... "oh, to be a fly on the wall when Angelina walks Maddox down the aisle in 2030...." or "if only we coulda been there when Keith Richards serenaded Stone Fox Bride Patti Hansen at their beach wedding in Cabo, 1982." 
Check out what some of our fave Stone Foxes had to say when we asked them to stretch their imaginations to the limits — and conjure up the fantasy wedding they always wish they could have attended.
Pam Love
“The marriage of Stevie Nicks and Kurt Cobain.  I’d wear Dries Van Noten and bring my husband as my date. We’d spend the after party jamming with Mick Fleetwood and Krist Novoselic.”

Cat Popper
“I’m a redneck underachiever, so it would have to be a potluck. I’d wear a second-hand dress with a necklace made out of arrowheads that my grandfather dug up in North Carolina.”
Lorraine Kirke
“Grace Kelly’s wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco. I would wear a scarlet red dress and take Montgomery Clift as my date. We’d spend the after party in a bar — and I’d spent our whole conversation trying to save him.”
Candice Brokenshire
“I would take my sweetheart Marc to some huge 1930’s wedding with big bands and swing dancing.”
Karley Sciortino
“I would go to the wedding of Anna Karenina and Jean-Luc Godard, and I’d wear a short red dress. I’d spend the after party dry-humping my date Louis Garrel.”
Elizabeth Wurtzel
“I would go to George and Martha Washington’s wedding with Thomas Jefferson as my date and wear a Mandy Coon gold lace dress. I’d spend the after party snorting heroin with Tom’s wife Sally and a few of Washington’s designated mistresses.”
Domino Kirke
“Definitely Janis Joplin and Rick Danko, the bass player from The Band. I’d wear a floral print fifties housewife dress and a hat with a mini veil. Kris Kristofferson would be my date, and we’d spend the after party in a pub dancing to the The Band.”
Laura Cattano
“I would go to the wedding of my paternal grandmother. She was a singer in a speakeasy in Queens. I’d wear the Stone Fox Bride cream “Lola” dress and take Ewan McGregor as my date. We’d spend the after party making out in a vintage Model A Ford.”