Flower Power

In honor of Valentine's Day, we asked one of our favorite florists to share some of the foxiest red arrangements and crowns she's created over the years. 

"I guess I really love red flowers because when added to an arrangement they immediately connect to the heart as a symbol of love," says Rawan Rihani of Aurora Botanica. "The thing is, there are so many shades of red! And they all evoke evoke a different feeling, but truly connect to the heart. Red is the symbol of love and passion, and when you add any red flowers to a bouquet, it transforms the whole bouquet and adds that sweet love and passion element."


"My favorite kind of red flower is ranunculus. They are ruffled, have layers of petals, plus they range from a crimson shade to a raspberry red. There are also so many varieties of ranunculus and one of my all time favorite which makes my heart flutter is the Charlotte Ranunculus flower which is pink and red speckled with a dark center. It is such a wonder."

"Ive also got a thing for red wild garden roses. These are not the roses you find at a bodega, but the roses plucked from a wild rose bush, with spiraling petals and smells sweet like strawberry candy."


"A flower crown made with wild roses in a palette shades of scarlet, pinks, and soft lavender goes straight to my heart. Roses have inspired stories, mythology, legends, poets and painters for centuries. I also find them to be incredibly healing — my favorite natural anti-depressant is to go to the Rose Garden at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and walk through the blooms. "

"I love also using pomegranates in table arrangements, as well as red charm peonies. Pomegranates when opened look like glistening rubies, and when red charm peonies bloom, it embodies a bursting passionate heart frozen in time."

"Obsessed with red anemones because they look like butterflies to me, and love a super super dark red dahlia thats like a dark wine color or even chocolate color."