Like A Rolling Stone

Creative Director and author of the book The Cool Factor Andrea Linett on the perfect groom style
What is a major no-no for a groom when he's dressing for his wedding?
The real no-no is a bad fit.  It looks shabby and obvious that they didn't get it from the right place.

How do you recommend that grooms-to-be find their wedding style?
Whatever the man’s style is, he should stay with that. I tell the women all the time, if you’re someone who always wears your hair down and flowy, don't wear it in a tight old country western updo. If the guy is always wearing sneaks, then he should wear sneaks. I don’t believe in shaving just because you’re dressing up.  If you want a five o’clock shadow, then go for it.  My husband went for a navy blue Prada tux that had a skinny pant and fitted jacket — with Prada shoes. I didn’t have to push him, he just went for it.

What do you think about accessories? Black bifocals, pink socks: Yay or nay?
Sure, why not? It's also fun for the groom to play with tuxedo shirt studs, watches and cuff links. My husband gave all his groomsmen matching ties and he wore sapphire cufflinks. I gave my husband a vintage Rolex for the wedding. 

Who's your male style icon?
Paul Newman, but I think I’m blinded by how gorge he was. Ralph Lauren back in the day dressed amazing — whether he sported a tux or a western vibe. Bob Dylan is my all-time number-one style icon.  I aspire to dress myself the way he did when he was younger: amazing ankle boots, coolest pants, sunglasses. 
If you could be any Black Tux suit, which would you be and why?
The Notch or Peak Lapel tuxedos because you can’t get more classic than that—it’s just sexy. Double Breasted because that's what my dad always wore and it’s gangster. Im also really into The Velvet Jacket because Bob and Keith.  I’d tatter it up.

Do the bride and groom need to coordinate?
Styles should match, but you don’t need to coordinate everything—it's a little old fashioned. It’s weird to me when a woman is wearing a fancy wedding dress and the guy is wearing sneakers.