Wanna Get Married Like A Brooklynite ?

Four ways to ensure that your nuptials are positively Williamsburg-worthy.


"These days," says Mary-Catherine Moore, Senior Sales and Events Manager at The William Vale Hotel, "it's more popular then every to get married in Brooklyn. Even brides who live in the city are flocking toward Brooklyn for their wedding — they love the idea of celebrating in a cool, non traditional neighborhood. Plus, the skyline views are a big draw." Four tips for to say "I do" like a borough native below. 

Say No Way To The White Limo: Lavish transport is oh-so-Upper-East-Side. "Most of attendees are driving over themselves or take an uber," says Moore. "Some of them take even take the train of the ferry!"
Forget Fancy Food. Make plated chicken a thing of the past. "We use a lot of local food during our wedding celebrations," says Moore. "Dorothy Parker Gin is brewed at the New York Distilling Company and we serve beers from the Brooklyn Brewery. Bagels come from Frankel's in Greenpoint. Amenities in the room feature local mustards and pretzels."
Take Advantage Of The Skyline: Who needs an elaborately adorned altar when you've got the Empire State building behind you? "Recently, two of our brides said their vows on our 4th floor terrace," says Moore. "They decorated their pergola with twinkle lights and all of Manhattan was in the background. It was spectacular." 
Party (+Pig Out!) Til Dawn:  DEF keep the food flowing way past midnight. "For the late night service we bring our guests waffles fries and burgers from our food truck called Mr. Dips," say Moore. "We serve them on painted skateboards. We also have softserve dairy dips!"
Pic 3 by EINphoto
Pics 1, 2, 4 by Liesl at PhotoPink