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Professional Baker and owner of The Miel Bakery Deirdre Lane On How To Have Your Dream Wedding Cake (And Eat It Too)  
Deirdre Lane drove this cake from Albuquerque to Taos through bumpy dirt roads. "It took three hours," she said.
Your cakes are so innovative.  Where do your inspirations come from?
"Each cake is inspired by the bride and groom.  I'll ask them to bring images of things they love to our initial meeting. Random things like colors, ideas and stories. Then it is up to me to transform their vision into something beautiful, structurally sound, and unique."
This floral cake is insane. What was the couple like who you made it for?
"Amanda and Malcolm are pretty laid back. They planned the entire wedding in beautiful Taos with the help of a few friends. The goal was for everything to compliment the landscape. The tables were decorated with wild sage and flowers. So I adorned their cake in flowers I picked on a farm in South Albuquerque. I also used fresh lavender and thyme."
Do the flowers need to be edible? 
"Yes! You don't want a poisonous flower on your wedding cake! You don't want small children or drunk adults to eat poisonous flowers! Recently I made a cake with two marzipan hummingbirds as toppers and I really wanted orange trumpet flowers, so I made them out of sugar." 
What was this cake made out of? How did you make it? 
"Hazelnut cardamom cake with alternating layers of chocolate mousse + homemade raspberry jam, and chocolate hazelnut ganache finished with a salted caramel buttercream.  Outside was all buttercream. It took me three days to make! I had to insert measured dowel rods into the bottom three layers to support the cake above. Each dowel has to be cut the same size or the cake will look uneven. You can buy pre-made supports but I find them to be too thick and I like making everything myself.
Wedding cake advice for a bride-to-be who doesn't know where to start?
"My philosophy is that your guests should want to eat everything on the plate. Most people don't like fondant. You can always substitute marzipan. Get the cake that you want. If you love chocolate, get chocolate. If you love apple pie, do an apple pie bar with ice cream. Just make sure to find a trusted baker with style. Think about the weather, and location. Is there access to refrigeration? Will it be in the sun? If it’s August and an outdoor wedding, I will not make a tiered cake out of chantilly cream."
Random fact?
"The morning I finished the cake, I made myself some coffee to go, packed the car with cake, extra buttercream and drove from Albuquerque to Taos. It took three hours. Taos is a mountain town with bumpy dirt roads and terrible phone reception."
Pics by Melissa Agate