Nice Day For A Wythe Wedding

Wythe Hotel Event Manager Nicole Potenec on how to choose the best venue for your wedding vibe.

How far in advance should a couple book their venue? Depends on the space. The more typical wedding ​venues can book up to 2 years in advance but spaces that host a variety of events usually have a shorter lead time. Most of our clients come to us looking to host their wedding around a year prior.

What should they look for? It's easy to get distracted because there are so many things to consider.  The best thing to do is write down the top three things that are most important to them and keep them in mind when venue searching, ie: amazing food, an all-inclusive venue, a raw space, ease of travel for guests, etc.

What are the advantages of getting married in a hotel? One of my favorite aspects of hotel weddings is that they create a home base for guests so that everyone can spend the weekend together. They can run into each other at the restaurant,  have a drink at the bar or eat breakfast after the wedding.  Hotels also tend to be more involved in the planning process which makes it easier on the couple. The in-house restaurant will provides the catering and ensures restaurant quality food.  Typically a discounted room block and suite is also provided.  Plus the couple and their guests have the ease of not having to arrange any transportation and can stumble back to their rooms at the end of the night!

When it comes to food, do you recommend family style or plated? ​Family style! We host mostly family style dinners at Wythe Hotel. Reynard, our in-house restaurant, is such an integral part of our weddings. We love the communal aspect of sharing a meal with loved ones and sampling a little bit of everything.  It's also a great ice breaker if you're seated next to someone you don't know. Some of our most popular dishes this winter have been chicories with citrus, pomegranate and smoked almonds; seared scallops with sweet potatoes, brown butter, golden raisin and sage; and grass fed beef, black trumpet mushrooms with potatoes boulangère.

How should a bride best choose florals and decor that express her vibe? She should start to keep an eye out for things that she’s naturally drawn to throughout her day, and snap pics of plants/decor/displays that make her happy.  Also, don't feel pressure to include everything — much better to hone in on a style and get creative within that realm.

Summer weddings versus winter weddings: what do you prefer?  Both seasons certainly have pros and cons.  The summer can be hot, but despite the heat you can likely still use outdoor spaces.  In the winter you typically lose the use of outdoor areas but winter weddings can be very cozy. Couples can take advantage of lower pricing in the winter, which is typically considered an off peak season.

Craziest wedding you’ve ever planned? Once we had a bride and groom who not only brought their two dogs to their ceremony — but also their cat and pet bird! Another time we had a professional dancer get married, and their first dance was choreographed to Janet Jackson's “Escapade”.


Pics by Weddings By Two + Chellise Michael Photography