Going To California

My man and I escaped from Brooklyn in the dead of winter and hightailed it to Cali where we got groovy, Palm Springs-style.

In February, with the incredible help of Mr & Mrs Smith, my beau Miles and I made the trek out of NYC to drink a little West Coast koolaid.  We drove from Vegas to L.A. through the Mojave desert and it was amazing. I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Bushwick with my cat Poppa, where the bike hangs on the wall, the floor is uneven and my landlord Kuky’s Spanish playlist blares through the walls. Plus, one summer, a raccoon broke into my apartment. Imagine my delight then, to discover L'Horizon Resort in Palm Springs — a succulent-filled hippie-chic haven featuring sleek furniture, palm trees, and an outdoor fire pit. The hotel was originally designed as a mid-century hideaway for the Hollywood hoi polloi (Marilyn Monroe used to stay there). We spent 24 straight hours playing Brad and Angelina among the gorgeous grounds, hiking and eating fabuloso local food. At midnight, we took a  dip in the hot tub beneath the desert sky. Total dream. — Desiree Wichmann