Weddings We ♥

Emily + Yiannis

I said 'I love you' as I was falling asleep; he made fun of me so I pretended I had been sleep talking.

Hailey + Zack

Zack and I have had two weddings because we have actually been married to each other twice. 

Rica + Paulo

He was making us turmeric smoothies naked while I smoked a fantasia pink Nat Sherman in bed watching him.

Danya + Andrew

Andrew's sneakers were cool, I had gotten my braces off, and it was Spring. That was that.

Jennifer + Richard

 A bottle of champagne later, I went home with him and never left. 

Mary Randolph + Charley

I was struck by his chivalry. He also had a killer haircut.

Sarah + Josh

I thought that he was joking when he proposed because he couldn’t get the ring out of his bag.

Sarah + Jaron

Eight of the male guests streaked naked across the cricket pitch in my honour.

Lindsey + David

Our rabbi conducted the ceremony during a downpour.

Rawan + Zac

We kissed at a bar by a jukebox and it's kind of a blur from there.

Nicole + Anders

We gave each guest a penny to make a wish in a birdbath.

Cyndi + Adam

We first met at a nightclub. He was a promoter, I was his waitress

Sarah + Kris

My mother walked me down the aisle with the mariachi band playing in the background.
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