Weddings we love

Christine + Jaime

One day, I started having chest pains and he dropped everything to go with me to the hospital.

Casey + Sean

One night on the couch, he looked at me and said, “let’s go look at some rings.”

Catherine + Taylor

Fun fact: I bought my dress before we got engaged. 

Juliette + Brett

I just remember it feeling really natural and easy because in reality, we were in love.

Cass + Kel

For our honeymoon, we ended up going to Thailand and spent two amazing weeks traveling around the country.

Jessica + Catie

It's pretty hard to meet someone when you never leave your house, but somehow me and Catie managed to find each other.

Kristine + Justin

On a completely random night, he turns to me and goes "do you want to get married this Saturday?" 

Kaajal + Tarang

We both wrote our own vows and actually exchanged them privately during the last day of our honeymoon in Greece.

Bianca + Andy

My dad walked me down the aisle to the instrumental version of “For the Widows in Paradise” by Sufjan Stevens.

Lakin + Lindsey

I told Linds I loved her long before we were ever in a relationship.

Kayla + Lewis

I realized that planning a wedding brings every single thing up—money stuff, family stuff, grief stuff, body image and/or perfectionism stuff.

Christina + Hank

The historical institution of marriage felt like an existential threat to me.

Angie + Reed

My mom and dad walked me down the aisle to "The Greatest" by Cat Power.
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