Weddings We ♥

Lauren + Frances

After we got together, we knew immediately that this was it. We’ve spent every day with the intention of being with each other forever.

Kyle + Jackie

Phil Lesh is an ordained minister and performed our ceremony.

Erica + Cierra

We walked down the aisle separately and alone. The song playing was After All Is Said And Done by Beyonce and Marc Nelson.

Desiree + Carlos

Carlos and I had mutual friends and hung around each other for years before ever speaking a word to one another.

Gabrielle + Kaila

We just wanted to be surrounded by people we love, share our vows, and have a kick-ass party.

Elizabeth + Chris

The weather was perfect late summer air, and it was the harvest moon.

Mya + Felix

I always knew I wanted to have a green wedding, full of plants and with nature.

Talisha + Monica

Our first date lasted eight hours.

Steph + Drew

We spent three weeks making out in a basement in college and went our separate ways.

Kelly + Dan

Our first date was at a cocktail bar called Jaybird.

Ariel + Jonathan

After having been together for seven months and just two days shy of my thirtieth birthday, he proposed.

Nancy + Will

After about a week, he told me that he was going to marry me.

Kayla + Jordan

We were kicked out of the venue at two am, but kept the party going at a studio nearby until five.
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