Weddings We ♥

Emilie + Matt

Days before the actual wedding, we had a picnic for our guests with paella and local basque cake and drank countless bottles of rose.

Katie + Troy

I wrote my vows, while Troy insisted on winging it. He stood up across from me and just said what was on his heart in that moment.

Noelle + David

Our DJ, no joke, was named DJ Low Budget—but he was fabulous. We danced until he had to leave, and then we hit the town.

Katelynn + Cory

We picked out the ring together. It’s a gray diamond that looks like it has little flecks of sparkle suspended in it

Alexandra + Matt

Matt managed to get hot cheese all over his jeans on our first date

Emma + Mariusz

I trust him and I know he always has my back

Abigail + Dan

We smoked cuban cigars and watched our friends set off illegal fireworks.

Candice + Sam

I said 'I Love You' on the very first date

Lauren + Luke

We boogied until about 4:30 in the morning

Anna + Aaron

I thought he was either going to be my future husband or new gay best friend.

Abby + Jonathan

I saw the Missed Connection section and decided to look on the off chance that the cute boy had written something. He had. I responded.


Frankie + Matt

During a nap, he whispered it in my ear "I love you".  My heart exploded.

Emily + Yiannis

I said 'I love you' as I was falling asleep; he made fun of me so I pretended I had been sleep talking.
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