Katie + Adam

I got Adam to dance a bit–– it’ll probably never happen again. He twerked. In a kilt.

My dad says we met on “Iamstalkingyou.com,” which is half true. I noticed him on my cousins Tinder, did some minor internet stalking, found his Instagram and sent him a direct message. Then I told him a lie about how I came to find him. The truth came out eventually.



The first time we said “I love you” I was really sick. It was the first time he saw me without makeup, and I couldn’t have looked worse. I was a sweaty, snotty mess, and he came over to make me soup and give me a cuddle. I said it first.

We got married in Central Park at the Bethesda Fountain (aka, the Friends fountain.) Our parents, siblings and a few friends were there, and two of our friends married us. That Sunday, we had a reception at the Brooklyn Winery with about 50 of our friends. It was so nice to break it up and have a wedding weekend.



We wrote our own vows, and not surprisingly, we said some of the exact same things to each other. It was pretty wild actually. When he was saying his vows to me- I was like, I’m about to say the same thing in 30 seconds. Our entire ceremony was 4 minutes long. It was perfect.

A friend (who I love, by the way) crashed our ceremony, which is fine, but she and her bright red phone case ended up being in 99% of all of our wedding photos. Our photographer assumed she was one of our aunts,  so she was everywhere. I think Im going to make a book of photos of her. Its seriously hilarious to look through the photos and find the big red phone case. I mean, SHE WALKED ME DOWN THE AISLE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF MY DAD. Pretty insane moment. Nbd.

When I saw Adam, I literally ran away from my dad and jumped in his arms and we started kissing- There was nothing traditional about giving me away.We were just going with our instincts that day.



After the wedding ceremony, we walked over to Shake Shack on the West side of the park and ate burgers and lots of french fries. There were milk shakes, of course. At the reception, we had an amazing spread of vegetables, meats and cheeses, olives, nuts, bomb ass meatballs, and a few different entree bites that went around all night. We didnt have a sit down dinner or a cake cutting, or anything like that. We did have a first dance, however. It was to 2Chainz’s Birthday Song”… just for fun. I also got Adam to dance a bit- it’ll probably never happen again. He twerked. In a kilt.   

Neither of us thought we would get married. But something happened to both of us when we met where we felt like making this kind of commitment to each other was what we wanted to do more than anything. When it came to actually getting married, it was important for us to treat it the same way we treated our relationship. We dont sweat the small stuff, nothing fucking matters except being kind to each other. Oh, and fuck red phone cases. We're just so excited we get to be together forever!!!!

Ceremony Photos by Jeffrey Chu
Reception Photos by Marc Lemoine