A Great Big World

We had been dating for 3 1/2 years, and he designed the ring himself.

I was a dancer with In-Sight Dance Company and Ian's music was being used for their full length story ballet. I went to go see Ian perform at Rockwood Music Hall, where we met for the first time after his set was over. When I first saw him, I thought, Oh. My. God. Who IS THAT?!


Our first date included Mexican food and margaritas, followed by a Central Park adventure where we went looking for the Alice in Wonderland statue. We never found her!


I always knew Ian was special, and different from anybody I had ever dated. He’s the biggest gentleman. He truly cares about the wellbeing of others, and loves with abandon. Other guys I have dated had been self important and leaned more towards the egotistical side. But Ian was different, I realized he was the one from the second I saw him!


 Flowers by Rose Red & Lavender

I said “I love you” first. We had just come back from an engagement party for our friends Cody and Joe. I’d felt it bubbling up inside me all night, and as soon as he closed the door to his apartment, I kissed him and said he didn't need to say it back, but he HAD to know... "I love you, Ian."


I was definitely the first one to bring up the wedding. Marriage and having a family have always been important to me and when I realized that Ian was the one I wanted to share my life with, I definitely made it known. I knew Ian was ready when we were on the "Sail Across the Sun" cruise A Great Big World was performing on, and the boat docked in Key West. We were walking down the street holding hands past a jewelry store and he said, "Do you want to go look at diamonds?"



The proposal came a few months later and was a total surprise though. It was without a doubt the best surprise of my life. We had been dating for 3 1/2 years, and he designed the ring himself. The center stone was a family heirloom that had been passed down from his great-grandmother, his grandmother, his mom, and then on to me.


I was SO excited to have a wedding, even though there were a few moments where we considered eloping. We did skip most of the wedding traditions because we just wanted it to feel like a big party. I'm so happy we went for it, because sharing that moment with everyone we care most about in the world is something we will never forget. It was magical.


We got married at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in SoHo. It is the most beautiful bookstore, and Ian and I are both huge readers. What really helped us decide to choose Housing Works, was that they’re a non-profit organization, and that 100% of the proceeds went towards their mission, to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses that sustain our efforts.


 Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

There were close to 160 people in attendance and it was the most beautiful spring evening. Doors opened at 8, and our ceremony followed shortly after. Everything felt electric. The craziest moment was definitely the vows. The whole ceremony, actually. We look back on it and that was without a doubt the craziest and best thing we have ever done. We had our immediate family walk down the aisle first, who were acoustically serenaded by Ian's bandmates, Zach Jones and Oscar Albis Rodriguez who sang "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles.


The bridesmaids (and bridesman), ring bearers, flower girl and escort, and I walked down the aisle to the instrumental version of AGBW's song "One Step Ahead". This was the song Ian wrote for me and proposed with. I walked by myself at first, and then halfway down the aisle I reached out for Ian, he came and got me, and we walked the rest of the way together.


Photography by Dreamlife Photos and Video 

We had a huge wedding party! Eight groomsmen, seven bridesmaids, and one bridesman! Sixteen of our best friends... It was amazing. The girls picked their own dresses as long as they were black and chiffon (the bridesman wore a black bowtie), and the boys wore black suits with matching purple bow ties. They all looked FABULOUS.


The menu included an array of small plates and passed apps, ranging from vegan friendly and gluten free, to things smothered in cheese as well as carniverous options. We also had a noodle house (my favorite) and the most delicious dessert table of all time (actually, I think this one might be my favorite).


Catered by Works Catering 


There was SO much dancing. At a wedding full of dancers and musicians, we really rocked it out. The reception ended at midnight, but the after party continued at The Irvington, the restaurant/bar attached to the W Hotel Union Square. The morning after our wedding, we got up on the early side because we were so excited to get home and see our sweet fuzzy orange monster of a dog, Callie. Before we grabbed a cab we stopped by Liquiteria for some juices. We had a 3 day mini-moon/staycation to decompress, but we won't be going on our honeymoon until June. We can't wait! 10 nights at the Sandals in St Lucia! We're literally counting down the days. The other night as our mini-moon came to a close, I said to Ian "I never want this to end." Then he looked at me with the biggest smile I'd ever seen and responded "but it's just the beginning!"