Tom and I are both DJs, and we bumped into each other at a record store in the East Village.

Tom and I are both DJ's, and we bumped into each other at a record store in the East Village after meeting years earlier.  I liked him immediately. Even though I was living on the LES at the time, and was kind of snobby about making the "trek" into Brooklyn,  Tom took me to Roberta's in Bushwick for our first real date, and we just hung out and drank beers.


     After dating for a while, Tom just sort of brought up marriage at our favorite ramen spot in St. Marks.  It was the day before Halloween, so there were all these goofballs walking around in wigs getting wasted and stuff.  In the middle of our conversation he ran outside to a kiosk and bought this little silver ring with a black stone in the middle for like $20 bucks. It was so sweet and I wore it all the time until the stone fell out.We liked the idea of getting married at City Hall because we met in NY, and just thought it would be a cool, fun and easy way of doing things.  I had never envisioned myself having a traditional wedding — I lost my dad when I was really young,  so I always felt that the whole "walking down the aisle" thing would just draw attention to that void.


      I decided to wear this white vintage mini dress I had had for years, and this really great pair of Chanel shoes. My grandmother gave my mom a beautiful piece of long antique lace to wear on her wedding day, so I decided to wear it as a scarf. To kick off our "wedding weekend", a small group of our family and friends came with us to City Hall, and then we all went to Nom Wah Tea House around the corner for dim sum and champagne.  Later that night we had a huge taco and sangria party at Tacombi in Nolita, which was such a great time. Tom put together an adorable slideshow of photos showing us at different points in our lives, which was really cool.  The next night we had a full on cocktails-dinner-dancing reception at The Woolworth Building in the Financial District. Schoolly D. — my old friend from Philly, who is literally the god of gangster rap —   introduced us and read some vows and stuff. He cursed a lot, which was maybe uncomfortable for some people, but we loved it. The next morning my mom's friend threw us a brunch on the Upper East Side. We went to Tulum, Mexico for our honeymoon.