We had our wedding at a barbecue joint up the street from our apartment in Brooklyn.

We met when we were both working at Equinox on the Upper West Side. Neither of us really fit into gym culture. I was a personal trainer and a dancer in nutrition school and he was working at the front desk while getting his Master's degree in philosophy. He constantly had women flirting with him, so I thought he sucked and was arrogant. I also thought he bleached his hair and listened to weird music. He does listen to weird music, but he doesn’t bleach his hair.Realizing he was “The One” is an incredibly unromantic story. We own our business together, and had to sign the equivalent of a prenup for the company. It was brutal. Before this, I was scared of marriage. But I realized I had zero fears about him, and that I trusted him with everything. I told him the next day that I wanted to get married.


Much to my mother's disappointment, we had our wedding at a barbecue joint up the street from our apartment in Brooklyn. Adam is from Memphis and I have a strange obsession with southern food, because it’s the best. It was on a weeknight in August, about eighty people, and everyone was drunk within ten minutes. It was perfect. The speeches at the wedding were pretty epic. At our Memphis party, Dan (Adam’s brother) pronounced us “Adam and Adina” because I refused to let him say man and wife, and Adam’s very traditional grandfather hollered, “they’re not married ‘till you pronounce them man and wife!” So I lost that battle. The vows were so simple and so “us,” and included a part asking if we were “reasonably certain” we know what it takes to stay together. We are.For dinner we ate pulled pork, brisket, ribs, hot links, vegan sloppy joes, and a million sides like potato salad, mac and cheese, and pickles. Lots of booze, lots of sweet tea. For dessert, there was peanut butter pie and key lime pie, and they made a peach cobbler just for me because it’s my favorite. We thought there would be dancing but there wasn’t. I remember looking around and everyone seemed to be in super deep conversations the whole night. Which to me, is exactly what I would want. We thought we’d go out after but around midnight we decided to call it a night, and no one argued because our friends and family know us really well. We’re not the partying type. Midnight is later than I’ve stayed out since college.



Adam and I both had a lot of hang ups about our wedding. We didn’t want to do anything normal. Adam is super private and the idea of vows or declarations felt cheesy to us. But I am so, so glad we had a ceremony. I was worried about it and we waited until the absolute last second to decide to do it, but before Dan started talking, I felt a little lost. The second he introduced himself, the whole evening changed for me. It seriously became magical. It was the best part of the whole night, looking at each other in front of everyone we know and confirming that we really, really like each other.

Pics taken by guests