He just rolled over one morning and asked "Will you marry me?".

Diego and I met 17 years ago through friends at a rooftop BBQ in downtown LA, but our first date was actually four years later in NYC at Spartina (now The Harrison) in Tribeca. While waiting for our table, we saw a couple making out at the bar and we were like "OMG, who does that?" but by the end of the night, it was us. One month later we moved across the country together. 

I always said that after two years of being in a relationship, Diego would either have to marry me or move on, so when it hit that point in our relationship, he got a little nervous.



He balked at the pressure of an over the top proposal and just rolled over one morning and asked "Will you marry me?" My answer was "for real?!" He knew I was particular, so we un-romantically chose the ring together — after eleven years he is still bummed that it wasn't a surprise. I chose an Asscher-cut diamond, which I love because it looks like a ring you would get from a gum-ball machine — simple, classic and timeless. 

We married three months after the proposal in mid October at our house (barn) upstate.  

It was beautiful and rustic and real, which is how I think we live our daily lives and how I still like to dress today — a mix of converse and fur.  Robert Danes created this stunning corseted ivory bias-cut chiffon dress for me that is really timeless — I honestly believe there's nothing worse than a wedding dress that is too "contemporary" or "in the moment" as that says "trend", and trends are fleeting by nature. 

We set white folding chairs around the pergola, spray-painted galvanized buckets from the hardware store a cream color and filled them with beautiful wild flowers that lined our make shift "isle". A million lady bugs covered the side of the barn that day, while leaves slowly drifted down from the trees around us. It was really magical. 



Our friends organically collaborated, and everything sort of fell into place — they were our photographers, musicians, and DJs. One even became ordained over the internet just to be able to marry us! Because we were wed just one month after September 11th, we decided to cancel the intended Maldives honeymoon, as it just did not feel right. A few days after friends/family who'd traveled from Argentina left, we hopped into our cherry red 1955 Chevy pick up and drove up the coast of Maine, discovering romantic cabins and B & B's along the way. As a small town Colorado girl, I had grown up longing for glamorous travel, so I was totally shocked that I ended up road tripping on my honeymoon. In retrospect, I don't think I would change anything — even though eleven years and two kids later, I still dream of the Maldives.