With Max, I just never wanted it to end.

We met at The Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett. I loved how scruffy he was. He was the only one in the bar without his collar up. At the time he lived in LA but was in New York for a few days. We went to The Other Room in SoHo which is cash only, but neither of us had cash so I told him to wait while I went to the ATM and he let me go get cash to pay. I knew it was love when he let me pay.


Our senses of humor have always been in sync. We see things similarly although he's a creative brain and I'm more business-minded. My other relationships were all lovely experiences, and I'm friends with almost all of my exes, but with Max, I just never wanted it to end. 



I knew he was “the one” when we traveled to Costa Rica together and our car got pulled away into the sea because Max used the beach as a road. No one informed us to get a four-wheel drive car so it was quite a rocky trip (literally). Surviving those ten days together made me realize we could get through anything together. We said “I love you” when we were in Tulum (when it was still romantic) and we were mad for each other so it just poured out of us.


We actually picked the venue before we got engaged — we were at the Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica and said that if someone could get married anywhere, that would be the place. So the next morning I woke up and put a ring on my engagement finger and met with the hotel manager to see when it was available and there was one weekend the following March. I booked it and we got engaged six weeks later.We had ninety people at the wedding and it was perfect because those closest to us are the ones who came.


The weather was insanely gorgeous and the Jamaicans have such a great vibe that when you bring family and friends there, it's just bliss. We wrote our own vows, and the morning of the wedding consisted of breakfast, a little exercise and a pedicure. My dad walked me down the aisle to Cat Power's version of Sea of Love and four of my besties were my bridesmaids. For dinner we ate seafood and drank a lot of liquor.


The wedding was a four-five day event and we had a band and then a DJ. Unfortunately the band played too many bat mitzvah tunes like We Are Family but we turned it around with the DJ. There aren't many options in Jamaica.


For our honeymoon we went to a place called Jakes, about two hours away in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Since Max is a cinematographer his friends are mostly directors so they'd flown in from LA and didn't want to turn around so fast so about ten of them joined us. It was epic. All in all, I wouldn’t change anything about our wedding. I was happy. I was skinny. And I'm still in love.