The two of us went to the beach with an officiant and made it legal.

An old family friend introduced me to Steve, but the first time we met I thought he was suspiciously over-friendly. I had just started seeing someone else so when Steve asked me out I wasn't sure what to do. In my mind the other guy had long term potential while Steve seemed too handsome and more likely a potential fling. For our first unofficial date he invited me over for a home cooked brunch.




The next week it was my birthday and I ended up messaging Steve late that night to go for a walk. He showed up with a backpack stocked with blankets, water and dark chocolate, and we went to the beach and talked until 4 am. I've never felt so relaxed with someone in my life. The next day I broke it off with the other guy, and that night Steve picked me up and doubled me home on his bike. We have been living together ever since. After two years and a move across the country, we decided to get married. We were walking in the South end of Boston and he asked me how I would like to be proposed to. I said I wanted to be asked, but he didn't have to get a ring or get down on one knee or anything. He said "How about here?" and I said "Maybe one block further, this one smells." So we walked a little further, he asked and I said yes.



We wanted to avoid the intense stress and strain caused by a big wedding so we decided to split it up into three events. This summer we went to California with our two closest friends and rented a house in Joshua Tree National Park. The house was cool and eclectic and filled with Mexican art and antiques from the 50's.The morning of our ceremony we cooked a big delicious breakfast and then went for a hike in the park. We wrote our vows when we got back, and recited them to each other under a little outdoor cathedral built beside the house. I was wearing a hand-beaded dress from All Saints and gold shoes made in Israel — it was the only dress I tried on. We made a big dinner and had homemade chocolate cake for dessert.



Afterwards we pulled a couch outside and watched the sunset; it was the most relaxed and beautiful day.

A few days later the two of us went to the beach with an officiant and made it legal. We stopped at this little surf diner to sign the papers, and then we went to get Steve's ring tattooed on his finger. Next summer we will celebrate with all of our family and friends by hosting a three-day camping gathering on a small island off the west coast of Canada.