The lighting was atmospheric and honey-coated, and after some milky sake, Scott revealed his love to me. 

When I first met Scott I was so attracted to his sense of style. He was wearing a beautiful suit and a Bollo tie. His smile lit up the room and when talking with him I was drawn to his sense of humor, the spark in his eyes, and loved how he asked questions! It was love at first sight. My dear friend was getting married — she secretly sat us next to one another. The stars aligned immediately and there was a feeling of comfort, intrigue, desire, and playfulness. We danced wildly to amazing live music. An agreement to meet back at the wedding tent with a bottle of wine, glasses, and flip-flops packed into a back pack, and then a moonlit skinny dip in the Russian River.




Scott was different because he is so self-assured — willing to be vulnerable one minute and the next minute totally engaged and focused. From the moment I met him, I felt a sense of ease and being my true self. It is rare to find someone who brings out the best in your personality and encourages you to be totally soulful. Scott is incredibly grounded and grounding.

I remember the first time we said I love you to one another. I was living in New York City when we met, so we were long distance for a year. Scott was in California. It was all very romantic. It was his first visit to NYC after we met at the wedding, and I took him to Decibel late night. The lighting was atmospheric and honey-coated, and after some milky sake, Scott revealed his love to me. It was magic. I knew he was the one the moment I met him. We both knew. From that moment on we were together.For months Scott had been designing a ring without me knowing. What a love he is! He did not like anything he had found in stores. So he took it upon himself to get his great design sensibilities going. We then had a trip planned to Walter de Maria's Lightning Field in New Mexico. After walking and exploring seven hundred lightning rods on this incredible piece of land we found ourselves lying on the earth looking up and the sky. When we got up, Scott grabbed me and offered me the most beautiful ring I had ever seen — a yellow Sapphire in a dimpled gold band setting. I was floored and we both began to cry as he asked for my eternal love. We had been living together for a few years at this point in our relationship.



We were engaged for a while. We liked the feeling of being engaged. When planning our wedding we wanted an arty beautiful space in San Francisco and chose the San Francisco Art Institute. It has incredible views and the concrete elements and architecture felt exciting and open and urban. We hired an incredible wife and husband team to make drinks as people arrived. We had a jazz band playing as people enjoyed the open space in the afternoon light. As people arrived they were asked to write a wish and add it to a lovebomb time capsule. The day could not have been more perfect and the elements cooperated.Scott's mom and dad walked him down the aisle and my mom and dad walked me in. Our dog, Lola walked down the aisle by my two nephews. My dear friend Leigh, who had matched us up at her wedding, along with another dear friend, Preston, married us in the open air with a hundred and twenty-five witnesses. Leigh and Preston officiated in the most incredible way, weaving together laughter, storytelling, and a closeness that made everyone feel good. Scott and I then wrote our own vows and read them to one another. We were married in a ring of magnolia blossoms.



People feasted family style with tables themed with elements from our life: Death Valley, Joshua Tree. There was a photo booth so people could take home a memento, and dancing erupted (DJ’ed by another dear friend). The best weddings are the ones that are patched together with the help of loved ones. We decided to have a katubah that was created by another husband and wife team and then a group of eight friends signed it as witnesses. We then ventured to Healdsburg with Scott's family for a few days after the wedding and returned to the Russian River where our love was initiated.