All I saw was him and I loved all of it. I didn’t want to change a thing.

I first met Adam in person when he picked me up for our first date. We went to Sushi of Gari, but our initial interactions took place on Sparkology (an online dating site). He looks surprisingly close to his online picture. I immediately noticed his smile and shining eyes when he picked me up.




For our first date, we ordered omakase, which is the chef's choice of sushi until you say, "when.” We ended up talking forever, so they kept serving us piece after piece. I was beyond full after 45 minutes, but "when in Rome!” It was taboo or a no-no to use soy sauce or wasabi, which meant I had to go with the flow (not one of my strengths). Besides being my soulmate, Adam was unlike any other of my exes because he was unattached, emotionally available and an amazing listener. He also has a magnetic, commanding presence.



I moved from New York to Houston only six days after our first date to go back to school. I was burned out from doing the-single-woman-seeking-success thing. So as I was living in Texas throughout the beginning of our courtship. He’d come visit and take me out on dates and Skype became our way of staying in touch during this time.One morning we were skyping after Adam had returned from his workout. I looked at him in his sweaty gym clothes wearing a funny shirt that was clearly too-tight and all I could focus on was his eyes, his beautiful, deep brown, eyes that were fixated on me. All my internal chatter, about possible issues with our differing religious views or the physical distance that separated us, went quiet. All I saw was him and I loved all of it. I didn’t want to change a thing.



One of his close girlfriends told him to “play it cool” because she knew that he was really into me, but also knew how determined he could be. After 8 weeks or so, I knew I loved him. I would catch Adam staring at me from the passenger seat of the car as I drove around giving him an endless tour of Houston. He looked pained because he wanted to say those three magic words so bad, but was trying to “play it cool.” One day, we had just pulled into my driveway and I could tell we both wanted to say it, but he couldn’t, so I just said "Adam, I love you too." And that was that.

We just knew we wanted to get married. I told him he had to ask my father and my father had alluded a one-on-one meeting because I think he knew it was coming. The only time to get my father’s undivided attention, though, was at 4:45 in the morning for coffee before he goes to spin class, so Adam played along and met him at the coffee pot in the kitchen to ask for my hand in marriage.

We ended up having a surprise wedding because we wanted our wedding to be free from any distractions that could arise from the personal opinions of our family and friends. It wasn’t the most popular approach, especially for a girl from Texas, but we didn't want to lose sight of what was most important to us, each other. We met, got engaged, planned our wedding and got married all within 9 months and everything was perfect. I wouldn’t have change a thing.