Finally, one summer, I saw him sitting shirtless on his fire escape eating an apple and that was it.

I met Gavin at a party on Cornelia Street in New York. We got off to an awkward start, but I found him very intriguing. Afterwards we kept bumping into each other. After our first couple run-ins, I left New York for awhile, and even though we hadn't really gotten to know each other yet, I couldn't stop thinking about him. Finally, one summer, I saw him sitting shirtless on his fire escape eating an apple and that was it. We started dating after drunkenly making out at a fourth of July party. My East Village apartment at the time consisted of us sleeping on a twin-sized mattress on the floor with books and clutter everywhere.




I knew straight away that I wanted to spend all my time with him. We moved in together after a couple months of dating and got each other's names tattooed. One New Year's we went camping during a particularly freezing period during the winter and slept in a teepee in the woods -- I normally would’ve hated camping, but when I was with him, nothing was unpleasant. That’s when I knew it was forever. We wanted to get married immediately but we always made excuses for putting off a ceremony, like the need to save up more money and about certain family obligations and expectations. One day we just said, "fuck it" and sent out hand-written invitations, which Gavin watercolored, to twenty of our closest friends. We only allowed ourselves two weeks of planning so that it wouldn’t turn into something huge and stressful.



We had our paperwork and wedding ceremony at City Hall. For our reception, we rented a little saltbox house in Springs, East Hampton that we decorated with white spider mums, curvy willows and bulb lights. I wore a Edwardian dress I bought from an antique dealer and baby's breath.Everyone drank cocktails and champagne, enjoyed a smoke on the lawn and later, when the temperature fell, we all headed inside to eat dinner. I made my own Earl Gray wedding cake with lavender frosting. And afterwards, we shared our first dance to "Sweet Woman" & "Rockin' Boppin' Baby" by Edwin Bruce in a room lit by a hundred tea lights.



A bunch of our friends spent the night in the house with us and in the morning, we all cooked breakfast and drank tea before returning to life as usual. It's funny because I had never really understood the point of getting married and having a big elaborate wedding as I never pictured myself doing it. However, now I understand marriage as the ultimate expression of wanting to share your life with someone else until you leave this world behind. I am so happy that Gavin is that someone.