Bri + Huck

We talked about life completely unfiltered and honestly until 5 am. 

Huck and I met at one of my concerts in LA at Room 5. Strangely, we went the same high school in Nevada City but we didn't know each other. When we first met we were both already in relationships so we didn't interact a ton.  It was a whole year later that we saw each other in LA at another show of mine at the Standard Hotel. The next night he followed me to my show in Santa Barbara where we ended up spending New Years together. 




Our first date was a bit accidental. I tragically found out that my uncle died on New Years Eve morning and Huck was the only person near me that I could lean on.  We ended up walking and talking for hours and stumbled into a great restaurant that let us dine despite the fact that we had no reservation on New Years Eve. We talked about life completely unfiltered and honestly until 5 am. 




Huck is different than anyone I've ever dated. He lives on the bright side. He always sees the light and takes my hand and pulls me into it.  We've never had one moment since we started dating that I've questioned being with him. Huck's proposal was a complete surprise to me. He had been putting together a scrapbook of every memory we had created over the first year. It included tickets, our first movie and tons of pictures. On our one-year anniversary he decided that he needed to ask me. He gave me the scrap book as a gift and at the end of it wrote "Will you marry me?" 


I didn't jump for joy cause I was a bit shocked and never really liked the idea of marriage. I was happy with what we had created without stepping into marriage but I didn't ever want to be with anyone else. By the end of the night Huck walked into the bathroom to see that I had written YES on the mirror in red lipstick. Not long after, we got married in Dominical, Costa Rica on the beach at sunset. We invited about 50 of our closest friends and rented a few beautiful mansions overlooking the jungle and the ocean.  We had a beautiful stormy sunset that reflected bright reds and salmons along the wet sandy beach at low tide, It matched my Salmon silk and lace dress perfectly (designed by Stella Dottir). Everyone was dressed in 20's Great Gatsby apparel. It looked like a movie set. We considered all of our guests part of the Bridal party. 



We wrote each other poems and read them through our tears. I also sang the song "I Want You To Be My Love" by Over The Rhine to Huck while he played guitar. We danced til about midnight and then hung out with a few guests by the pool until 3 in the morning drinking wine and playing guitar. We didn't need to take a trip afterwards because Costa Rica was our honeymoon.