We are perfect complements to one another and I guess we have figured that out over time.

We met at The University of Chicago, in our first year of business school. Before school, I had been living in Uruguay and was 1000% positive I was going to get my degree and return to work in South America. But then I met Wesley. I was so taken by him, immediately. And thanks to a few Goose Island IPA's, I told him.

To be honest, there wasn't a singular moment when I knew. We are both fiercely independent, and fairly different in our persons, so it's been an ongoing journey to understand how we fit together in a permanent way. It's annoying to admit aloud but sometimes I physically run from the subway to get home to him sooner.



We spoke of getting married once over dinner at Battersby in Carroll Gardens. I told him that if he asked me to marry him, I wouldn't say no. Six months later my dad called and invited us home to surprise my mom for Mother's Day. The next morning Wes and I took a hike to see a nearby eagle's nest. He proposed on the lookout. 

The entire trip had been a surprise not for my mom, but for me, planned by this sweet Texan who knew he had to catch me off guard to catch me at all. "You little shit" is all I could muster. He took it for the yes that it was.



We got married at The Parker Palm Springs. We chose it after two years of being engaged, having failed to conceive of how to avoid a wedding-wedding. We opted for something easy and hoped it would feel like a vacation for our guests. The weather was our favorite wedding gift. The ceremony temperature clocked in at 79 degrees, despite the fact that on average, temperatures are 100-plus in May. We got lucky. 

Wesley walked down the aisle with his mother to Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" and I walked down the aisle with my mother and father to "Blackbird" by The Beatles.



My chief concern with my dress was that I could dance in it. I actually changed into Nike Dunks to really get down, and Wes switched into some sick white party pants after the ceremony. We danced our faces off in a mirrored and marble filled ballroom. 

The closest thing to euphoria I have ever felt was dancing with Wes to LCD Soundsystem's “Dance Yourself Clean”. The dance party ended at 1am and 20-30 people went back to our suite and stayed until 4am when the hotel said it was bedtime. And it was.


Pics by Laura Dart