Colleen + Billy

There have been so many moments throughout our relationship where I knew he would be the one. 

Billy and I first met at a Rangers game. He was on a date with someone else, and I was with a friend. He was handsome, silly, funny and charming. Billy is one of the great ones. He is tall with great eyes, and from the very beginning I could tell the kindest heart. He lets me win, he loves me good, and he treats me right. I hit the lotto.

There have been so many moments throughout our relationship where I knew he would be the one I would marry. We were about a year into our relationship and we were participating in a charity bike race through the city. I didn’t want to leave my tote in one of the makeshift lockers set up on the West Side Highway. Billy, ever the gentleman, strapped the Louis Vuitton across his chest and rode 30 miles with it.



We first said “I love you” in the back of a cab in the Hamptons, after a stop for late night snacks. We woke up the next morning and he said that he loved me so much, and it wasn’t just the tequila and Doritos talking. This was one of those moments I knew he was the one. 

It was important to me that we be engaged before moving in together, and Billy, the king of last minute, proposed the Friday before we moved into our apartment. When we got back to his parents’ house, our families were waiting and we partied until the sun came up.

The morning of my wedding, I woke up and had a bowl of my favorite oatmeal with my mom. It was a sweet moment, one of my last as a Murphy, that I will forever cherish.

It was pouring rain out and my younger sister was singing Alanis Morissette "Ironic" from the top of our stairs. My bridesmaids came over, my friend put on a playlist she made for the morning and we danced, ate tons of bagels, had champagne and got ready. It was all very relaxed, exactly as I wanted it.

My dad, my original best man, walked me down the aisle to Canon in D. We got married in the Catholic Church that both Billy and I grew up attending. My uncle presided over the mass. It was the most traditional part of the entire day, which was so important to us! My wedding party was a mix of friends, my sisters, and cousins. They wore very pale pink gowns and looked stunning. I am a lucky girl to be surrounded by such beautiful friends, inside and out.


Our cocktail hour was insane. We had an amazing raw bar, a wood burning oven pizza station, sushi, a carving station, the list goes on and on. Dinner consisted of a fried goat cheese salad, filet and seafood with tons of champagne and rosé. It was the most rosé the club has ever served. Dessert was our cake and a salted caramel tartufo with cappuccino gelato that was other-worldly. Our band, A Current Affair, was beyond. The dance floor was packed the entire time. We paid the band to stay an extra hour and the party continued into the morning.

I wouldn’t change a single thing about the experience. The day was perfect, exactly as we imagined it; a giant dance party with the best food, champagne flowing, and being surrounded by the people we love most in the world. Maybe we will renew our vows every year and invite everyone back. To quote our five year old flower girl, when we asked what her favorite part of the day was, she said "Everything."