We were not big fans of each other at first.

Taavo and I met at work — he was an architect, I was in event planning — and we were not big fans of each other at first. I guess you could say we had some "misconceptions" about each other.  A year or so after we met I went to a party he was throwing, and it all finally clicked.  We went on our first official date at Moto in Williamsburg two days later. 



He proposed the day after Christmas at our house upstate in the middle of a field where we always walked our dog.  We knew that even though it would be a lot of work to get married at our house, it would all be worth it in the end.  It is our favorite place in the world.   

Everyone helped and a lot of things were hand-made — Taavo and his friends built the dance floor, my father and father-in-law built the tables, and my friend painted the signs.

I wore a dress by Zac Posen, and I knew as soon as I saw it that it was the one, even though it was this dark beige color, and was five sizes too big. I don't think it was intended to be a wedding dress but it was the perfect one for me. 



We hung ribbons in the trees and had a quick ceremony in the woods, with everyone standing around us in a big circle. We were married by our friend who lives near us upstate and is an amazing healer and acupuncturist. After the ceremony everyone walked through the fields to the cocktail hour, followed by dinner under a huge tent. Dinner was casual, catered by Freemans and served family style.  We wanted the whole thing to be pretty low-key, no assigned seating, no wedding party. There was a lot of dancing and it was really hot — more than a few people wound up swimming in the pond. The night ended with a bonfire and people passed out everywhere. The whole thing was pretty magical.