I grew up in Italy and I was on vacation in the US when we met. 

I grew up in Italy and I was on vacation in the US, visiting my aunt's family for the first time. He was a friend of other friends of the family. He was stunning, very polite and attentive, with gorgeous black hair and seductive eyes. Our first date included a nice dinner followed by a walk on the beach, where I took off my platform sandals to walk barefoot and he realized I was NOT taller than him after all. From the very beginning I felt that he was willing to make a serious committment. He believed strongly in family values and wanted to take care of me completely, but he had to take care of few things first. I went back to Italy where I was attending college with the promise that he would come and look me up.




A year passed and he surprised me with a call. He wanted to meet in Milan, where he was going with his brother, on a business trip. In order to convince my parents to let me go, I decided to bring my little sister with me. It was supposed to be a 36 hour trip, but things changed and his brother proposed to my sister on the very first day they met. My story soon became "our story" and I started hearing wedding bells ringing in my head. I knew then he was the One. After Milan came Florence, then Assisi and Bologna. It lasted 2 weeks. Every night we had the telephone brought to the dinner table to call my parents, who were getting really nervous about the situation. Our excuse was that they needed my help with translations at business meetings, but in reality we had already secretly decided on a double wedding or maybe 2 weddings within the next 12 months. Our life was getting turned upside down overnight. Finally we left, and on the train my sister and I were contemplating the incredible fairy tale and how to break the news to my family. They ended up surprising us with their romantic openness.


Victor and I got engaged at Christmas, surrounded by my family and four of his brothers. He proposed in front of everyone, in an emotional burst of promises, translated by his brother Elia as best he could. Victor wanted to get his parents approval and we asked for their blessings over the phone while and promising to go to Jordan in the summer for my father-in-law, a Christian minister, to marry us religiously. We got married right away. It took us 2 weeks to get ready. He took me to Newbury Street in Boston and I spent the whole day going from from one atelier to the other. Nothing seemed right; everything was too puffy, too pompous, too bulky. Finally I grabbed the simplest dress I could find, topped it with a hat and added a silk ribbon choker with a big silk flower.



We wanted to get married at this one particular restaurant, but we could not have the Justice of The Peace on the same day. Instead, we went to the Courthouse on Saturday and had the party on Sunday. The attending guests, about 120, were mostly strangers to me, except for my family and Victor's brothers. The party was unrehearsed and I didn't know what to expect; everything was spontaneous and we had a blast. The band was booked till 12am and twice we begged them to extend their time with us. We finally stopped dancing at 2 am. We had overseas guests till Tuesday night. Wednesday we were finally alone and went to Disney World to relax and enjoy our honeymoon. My sister and Victor's brother got married 6 months later.