We talked, and talked, and talked, and then finally made out. He had a twin bed in his apartment.

Jeremy and I met in San Francisco at a party thrown by this guy known as the Red Baron because of a crazy curlicue mustache. The party was in this rundown loft on a shady strip of Market Street. Jeremy had just moved from New York, he was totally dreamy and I’d never seen him before.




We met again later at a show by a now-defunct band called The Please. They were so great. Joanna Newsom sang backup and played the tambourine. Their catchiest song was called "No Style,” which is funny because Jeremy had a style about him that other San Francisco guys didn't have. I think it was because he’d been in New York for a few years. Afterwards, we went to a bar in Hayes Valley called Place Pigalle. We talked, and talked, and talked, and then finally made out. He had a twin bed in his apartment. I had dated creative guys of all stripes, but Jeremy was the only guy who had the right combination of smarts, talent, ambition, and a sense of fun. All the other guys were never very serious. And as my mother-in-law likes to say, "you don't marry a project.”



When I realized I was in love, I just had to confess. He wasn’t quite there yet, but he was honest about that in a really sweet way. I wasn’t worried; it’s not a race. He teared up the first time he told me he loved me. We dated for two solid years before deciding to move from San Francisco to New York. My dad was like, “what are your intentions with this young man?" I told him we were serious, and if we had his blessing, could we also have his mother's wedding ring to make it official? I got the ring a few years later, when we were just about together five years.



We knew that no matter where we got married, people would have to travel, since we are both from Orange County, California, met in San Francisco and had relocated to New York City. But we were getting married in February, and who doesn't like to get out of New York in February? We chose a restaurant called Cicada in downtown LA. It's where the “slippery little devils” escargot scene in Pretty Woman was shot.We invited our childhood best friends, close family, and some pals from New York. Todd Selby was the best man. The guys wore black suits and coral-colored Prada ties to match my manicure, and the bridesmaids wore black too.



I got a wax the day of the wedding. I should have done a day or two before because I ended up sort of sticky during the wedding. Other than that, it was perfect. We had our friends and family all stand up, hold hands, and vow to support our marriage through good times and bad. I don't think I would change anything. Maybe I would have gotten fancier shoes, but other than that, no regrets.