I pretty much said hello and walked away. He was wearing a plaid shirt with striped pants.

Zeke and I first met in college. A mutual friend took me to a fraternity party with the intention to introduce me to Zeke. I pretty much said hello and walked away. He was wearing a plaid shirt with striped pants.  I did question his fashion sense, though he may have thought the same thing over my pigtails and sneakers. I thought he was adorable and especially loved his eyes. Later that evening I said, "Hey, there is a guy trying to pick me up and I'm not interested.  Can I pretend to be with you?"  We've been pretending for the last forty years. When he did ask me I had to squeeze in a date with him between a picnic and a later date. I think our second date was a rehearsal dinner in his hometown where he was singing for a friends wedding.  I guess I almost blew the relationship when I asked him, "Could you sing at my wedding?"  I was assuming he would not be the groom. That first night we met he sat down at the piano and sang "Color My World" by Chicago.  I was a goner. I had never dated anyone who was so talented.



      I realized he was “the one” right around my twenty-first birthday.  It was my roommate who noticed how happy I was and how much I wanted to be with him all the time. We had never discussed the future. Then we both became interested in the Peace Corp in our senior year. As we looked over the information, we realized that we couldn't be guaranteed a placement together unless we were married.  It was like we had hit a roadblock and stopped our research on the topic. Then in the wee hours of the morning of my 21st birthday, he asked, "Will you marry me someday?"  Of course I said yes. 


       We first set a date for a year later (I wanted an October wedding), but we moved it up to June instead. My gown is an interesting story.  I was a bit of a rebel at that time and hated wedding dresses and all the froufrou stuff. One day, I stopped at a mall, saw a bridal shop, walked in and bought my dress two minutes later.  It was perfect, even though I remember the clerk saying, "but it's a bridesmaid dress!" I think I paid fifty bucks for it. For my engagement portrait I held the tiniest nosegay of beautiful spring flowers from a different florist in a different town.  When I ordered my flowers, this is what I had in mind.  I remember even giving the florist the names of the flowers and the size my bouquet should be.  I opened the door of my room at the church to find this huge monstrosity made entirely of carnations dyed in pastels.  It was awful.  I was tempted to carry a single flower, but I just picked it up and went with it.




      The morning of our wedding, we had breakfast with all of our relatives but we didn’t see each other. We had the most wonderful, sweet wedding.  We got married in a church by a pastor who told the wedding congregation how in awe he was of our love. My wonderful stepfather walked me down the aisle to “Trumpet Tune”. Once we got to the front, Zeke and I hugged our families and my sister stood up with me and wearing a dress she had picked out. Zeke read a beautiful poem to everyone, then we spoke our vows which we wrote ourselves. Our reception was in my parents beautiful yard.  We had picnic food catered by the Magee Hotel that was apparently delicious (I never had a bite). We had about a hundred guests. For our honeymoon, we went to Williamsburg, Virginia. My favorite part of our wedding was the simplicity and the way it just came together.