Austin brought out a heart-shaped Mrs. Fields cookie cake with frosting on top spelling out "Marry Me?".

He wrote me online and, after a bit of flirty chatting, asked me out for drinks.  He had this cute sporty jacket and warm smile when we met for drinks at the Flatiron Lounge.  It had a cool, old New York vibe and we had so many things in common from the get go. We first said “I love you” on Valentine's Day and I knew he was “the one” when we were vacationing in Aruba. 



There were beachy days, beautiful sunsets, romantic dinners, but throughout the whole thing, I just had such a deep desire to be with him, it didn’t matter where. After I moved into his apartment, we talked about our future and getting married.  After a cozy dinner in, Austin brought out a heart-shaped Mrs. Fields cookie cake that had red and white frosting spelling out "Marry Me?" Our wedding was in Closter, NJ at Temple Emanu-El.  We wanted something that honored past traditions, but for me, having some color was essential.  I fell in love with the incredible stained glass that decorated the building and chapel. My parents walked me down the aisle. I’m very close with them,  so it was very emotional. My cousin sang to us during the ceremony and I made our wedding bands. They were extremely personal touches that meant so much to me. 




We took dance lessons at Fred Astaire in NYC leading up to the wedding and all of our friends and family knew, so, the pressure was on. I was the bride with the wild hair and danced with everyone. I am glad I danced, ate, drank, kissed, and smiled with the people I loved. Some brides say they didn't get to really enjoy their wedding, but I made sure to be in the moment.