He followed me out after class and made his introduction with an awkward handshake on the sidewalk. 

Chris and I met in college at Penn State in 1999 in a sociology lecture. He followed me out after class and made his introduction with an awkward handshake on the sidewalk. There was an instant connection. We both loved music and were fascinated by each other's stories and values. Not to mention he always had the best review notes and was a great proofreader. What started as being friends and study companions, quickly blossomed into a young romance.




Once we officially started dating, we were inseparable for months. On New Year's Eve one year, I first told him that I loved him, but then he decided to leave school and we broke up. Over the next three years, Chris relocated to Boston to pursue his passion for music and we became close friends, across 400 miles. Just prior to graduating college, Chris invited me to come live with him in Boston, as friends, for the summer. I accepted and we officially became a couple. After a long courtship, and nearly eleven months of engagement we hit the breaking point. So, finally, one day in early November, I told Chris we were just going to set a date and get married around Christmas. I did a lot of the obligatory wedding dress searching, but once we set the date I had less than 60 days. I pulled three dresses off main designer racks (may have been the only non-ball-gown-shaped dresses in the place), and on my way to the dressing rooms, found a clearance section in the back, where I found "it."



We knew the wedding was going to be small but we still wanted something official and needed a solution that was quick, cheap and fun. On our refrigerator, we had several photo booth strips dating back to the beginning of our relationship - so we scanned three, stitched them together and put minimal text on the back - it was the perfect invitation. 


I really wanted to get married in the snow so we decided to do it in Central PA where we met - I figured that was the best bet for a White Christmas - at a cool, rustic restaurant. It was already decorated for the holiday which was even better. We got married by a judge in the same location as the reception. Our guest list was so small that we skipped having a wedding party.



My flower arrangements were made of seasonal pine and holly clippings that my dad put into his own vases. My brother put together two hours of romantic music to play during the dinner (Nat King Cole, Elbow, Patsy Cline). We didn't hire a photographer but instead had our friends use our SLR camera to take black and white photos and put out a few point-and-shoots for guests. All of our Boston friends and many of our Philadelphia family were kept away due to the December 2010 blizzard - but we ended up with thirty-five people in the smaller of the upstairs lofted dining rooms.