I think I realized Peter was the one was during our first breakup (there were a few).

I first met Peter at Pianos on the Lower East Side. When I saw him I thought he was very tall and a little nerdy (in a sexy way). He was playing drums in my friend's band, Pastel Group. My best friend's now-husband introduced us after the show. He told Peter that I wanted to feel his drummer arms. I was totally embarrassed, said, "No" and walked away.

Peter was different from other people I dated because he was a nice Midwestern boy. He was clearly smitten with me from the beginning, he was living in Boston and would take the Chinatown bus every other weekend to come visit me.



About four months after we started dating we were in bed and he said, "You love me". I said, "Yeah, you love me too.” He told me he was scared I wouldn't say it and wanted to be able to play it off if I didn't say it back. I think I realized Peter was the one was during our first breakup (there were a few). I just always kind of knew we would end up together.

Marriage came up a few times over our five-year relationship, but most seriously when he got a job transfer to Dublin, Ireland. We were living together in Austin at the time and I had just gotten a job that I was really excited about. I stayed and we were long distance. He asked me to move to Dublin and I told him my Jewish mother would never let me move without a ring on my finger. He ended up totally surprising me and proposed in Paris on his 30th birthday. 


We got married at the Mt. Kisco Country Club, about a five-minute drive from where I grew up in Chappaqua, New York. The morning of the wedding was rainy. I took a yoga class taught by my favorite instructor with my best friend Katy and ate leftover kale salad I had made for the rehearsal dinner the night before. A good friend texted me the day before saying that the light for photos is better when it is overcast. It really calmed me the fuck down. We had to change the ceremony site from the top of a hill to a semi-covered veranda. The rain stopped mid-day but we couldn't chance it. It ended up being a more intimate setting in the end, and I didn't have to walk up a hill in my four-inch Charlotte Olympia heels. We ended up with about one hundred guests which was a really nice number. Between the two of us, Peter and I got to speak to every guest. 




Both of my parents walked me town the aisle to "Sleep Well,” a song my husband wrote and recorded for me as a present for my 25th birthday. My three best friends, Katy, Jess, and Lindsay where my bridesmaids and all wore champagne colored dresses in different fabrics. 


My Dad performed the wedding ceremony and Peter and I wrote short lighthearted vows to one another; both of which included shoutouts to our dog Stanley. I hate public speaking and we almost didn't write the vows but I am so glad we did.


I am Jewish but Peter is not. He really, really wanted to get lifted in a chair. I have never seen him so excited.