I first met Robert at a conference. Years later I was on a date with his brother Larry, and we met again.

I first met Robert at a conference, and I thought he was just so beautiful and shy. Years later I was on a date with his brother Larry, and we met again. I still thought he was cute, but I liked Larry better. Anyway, we got together and fell in love. I remember driving around Chicago with the windows rolled down in the car screaming at the top of my lungs: “I love him! I love him!” He never proposed to me, not his style. I think we had been living together for a year and we both just said, it’s time to talk about getting married.



Our friends Yvette and David picked us up the morning of our wedding and took us out for crepes. Then we all picked out a brown-and-white tie at this nice store for Robert to wear to the ceremony. Finally we all went to play tennis on the Northwest Side and on the way home stopped by a bakery to pick up a cake. Back at home I changed into a folkloric long skirt with colorful ribbons woven into it and a long-sleeved lace shirt from Saks; I had originally wanted a Mexican wedding dress but couldn’t find one anywhere. Anyway, then we all smoked a bunch of joints and got really high. We did the traditional vows with Rabbi Wolf, who had Bat Mitzvahed Robert years before. The ceremony was short and sweet, and it was tender to have it in my parents’ living room; very intimate.




That night we got a hotel room but we were so exhausted we went right to sleep. In the morning I really wanted room service, but Robert was cheap so we had a fight about it. By the time we got back to our apartment we were so nervous and freaked out to be actually married that we saw four movies in three days, including Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman. We didn’t want a big wedding, partially to rebel, partially because my mother-in-law was controlling, partially because...who really knows? Of course, looking back at it now, as with everything in life, I wish we’d done it differently.


Pics by Bryan Cipolla