I was friends with his friends, and I brought cookies and cupcakes to a barbecue they were having. They were disgusting.

I met Chris nine years ago in Carroll Gardens. I was friends with his friends, and I brought cookies and cupcakes to a barbecue they were having. It was the first experiment I had with my BabyCakes idea, and they were disgusting. But Chris was so nice about it. He was like, “I’m a vegetarian and I’m so excited to try these.” We didn’t hook up, but we knew we liked each other. He was the only guy my age that had ever been chivalrous. He took my coat, got me a drink, showed me around the house…very different from other guys.



Two years later we met again at a friend’s birthday party, and he asked me out. Our first date was St. Patrick’s day, and we walked around the West Village. It was snowing out, and we had an innocent kiss goodnight, but then we were off to the races. He proposed on the Hudson River. We were walking home from dinner and he said, “I know we have our issues and I’m a total pain in the ass, but will you marry me?” He gave me a diamond and he arranged for me to design my own ring.


We got married a couple months later under an oak tree in my sister’s backyard in California. The only thing we wanted was tacos — everything else, we gave her full reign. I was set to wear an old Versace gown, but when I got to my sister’s house the day before, I didn’t feel like it was right. I had another dress rolled up in the bottom of my bag from eBay — some cool gunnysack wedding dress with a train — and on a whim I decided to wear it. I had to get it tailored 24 hours before the wedding.


The ceremony was amazing. My sister Bridget tied ribbons to the branches on the tree and there were little scrolls attached to the ribbons with wishes from everyone who was invited to the wedding. My other sister, Sarah, officiated the wedding and helped us write our vows. We walked down the aisle to “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space” by Spiritualized.


The girls at the bakery made the cake; it was a brownie cake with vanilla frosting and antique flowers. Very whimsical and beautiful.