I was magically in love with him. No games. Just love and sex and passion and all desire in every way.

My hubs and I met in Montauk at Surf Lodge. He was staying with my best male friend at the time, so it COULD have and WOULD have been a formal introduction, but we noticed each other first and started talking before my friend had even realized he hadn't introduced us. I thought he was quiet, peaceful, and mysterious. He sent me a text when he got home. The text said, "Heather I'm reluctant to admit this but I'm really quite smitten by you. Good night." And then it was on. He came over the next night. I ate fish and olives with my hands, and had a glass of red wine because I was so nervous. We made out for hours on the couch. And then it was really on. Passionate texts back and forth and within a week he told me he loved me. He went back to LA where he was living, packed up his stuff, and moved to NY.




There were so many "The One" moments. Shit. He was very tidy. He prayed and meditated. We were obsessed with the same music and books and he knew everything about films and art. He dazzled me. He was the most open, loving, deeply feeling and emotive person I'd ever met. He was wise and thoughtful and continued to be mysterious even while being so demonstrative in every way. He was kind and sensitive and yet he didn't seem wimpy in any way whatsoever. I was magically in love with him. It was easily and perfectly mutual. No games. No tension. Just love and sex and passion and all desire in every way.


He proposed exactly a year to the day that we met. We went back to Montauk and it was a total surprise. We went for a beach picnic and he became obsessed with taking photos of old beach balloons. I grew bored, hungry, and irritated. When he finally deferred to my mood, we sat down on a blanket and presented his grandmother's ring to me.  It fit perfectly. He proposed on one knee; we both cried. It was over-whelming. We were quiet for the rest of the night.



We got married a year and a half later. It was a long engagement that was trying at times. We couldn't find a venue we liked and eventually asked his parents if we could do it at their house on the lagoon in Belvedere, Marin. They did the lion's share of the work in terms of planning. We would fly up for weekends to approve fabrics and food and meet with music and flower people. There were 100 people there, give or take. I wish I'd invited more people. It poured with rain like I've never quite seen. It created an amazing atmosphere. We had to tent the entire property and it was cozy and glowing and filled with flowers. I chose to be sober for it, which was great. In fact, I really feel sad for people who get drunk at their own weddings. But I kinda want to have another wedding: a throwdown with loud awesome music and sloppy fun food. It was a magnificent, tender, exquisitely beautiful night.