We had band practice twice a week and slowly over the next few months we fell in love.

Rossi and I knew each other for about 4 years. He was in a band I would some times go see. I thought he was cute and quiet, but we were both dating other people. Then two years ago I asked him if he knew of any singing teachers and he said yes. Then asked me if I wanted to join his band. We had band practice twice a week and slowly over the next few months we fell in love. The bands name changed to "Love Taps" and most of the songs on our album were about the love that grew that summer. 


He is the kindest, most giving, beautiful, fun person I have ever met and he makes me laugh so much. He knew what he wanted and he went for it: he knew very early on he wanted to marry me. I realized that he was “the one” 3 months after we became a band. I had put him through the wringer with all my silly issues but he stayed consistent, and didn't falter until finally I pushed him too far and he left for a weekend. At that point I thought, “Oh my God, have I messed up the best thing that ever happened to me?” Luckily, no, but I stopped being a twat after that! And once I settled down into the relationship there was no question that we were going getting married and have babies. It was an unspoken truth we both felt. We talked very briefly in October about starting to try for babies and were pregnant by November. 



That Christmas we rented a cabin in the woods with my mum and on Christmas day we went for a very early morning stroll in the snowy fields and he plopped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Even though I knew at some point this was going to happen it still took me my surprise and I screamed, then said yes!  We kept the wedding small and simple. We invited five friends and both our families down to City Hall. It was June and the rain was crashing down.


Nothing crazy happened at the wedding apart from the fact my hair was super destroyed and humid from all the rain. Ten days earlier I had decided I wanted to be blonde for my wedding. I went to my regular colorist who after seven hours of having me in aluminum foil turned me into a carrot top ginger chick! She then went away on vacation and said, “Sorry can't fix it!” So I went to another salon and the lady there managed to partially save the day. I was more strawberry blonde by the end, straw being the operative word! I was eight months pregnant and we couldn’t fly any where for our honeymoon, so one of my best friends gave us her house upstate. My family and friends joined us. It was possibly the most beautiful, perfect weekend of my life. 


Pics by Richard Tulk-Hart