Almost all of the guests sported temporary tattoos with with our names and the date.

Sebastian and I met as spectators at an intramural softball game in Providence — I went to Brown, he went to RISD. I thought he was absolutely adorable, so I asked him out.  On our first date I was impressed that regardless of the fact that he was a grungy art student, he still knew to put his napkin in his lap.  



We had been dating for about five years, when he asked me to marry him. I was 24 — and my response was "Yes of course! But why now?"  I later learned that he had sold two major paintings and bought my engagement ring with the money he earned from the sales. We knew we wanted to get married at our cabin upstate, but we didn't have a clue about the rest of it.


It wound up being sort of like a glamorous garden party, with tables and oriental rugs strewn all over the yard.  I arrived to the cabin via a little yellow speedboat — my dress was so big that I couldn't sit down — and the James Bond theme song was playing in the background.  All of the guests were so surprised — they assumed I would be coming out of the house — so the whole thing was pretty hilarious.


I walked down the aisle with both of my parents, and the musician Lou Reed served as our officiant.  After the ceremony I changed into this beautiful champagne and gold vintage cocktail dress from the 1950's. My mom and Sebastian's mom made all of the food for the two-hundred person reception, and we all feasted on filet mignon, salmon, green beans, coconut cake, and key-lime pie. My grandma collects Chinese and Japanese figurines, and she chose two to be the cake toppers.




The band "The Witnesses" played and everyone danced like crazy until yellow school buses came to take everyone back to the train station. Almost all of the guests sported temporary tattoos with with our names and the date in a rose enshrined heart. There was an after-party in the city, but Sebastian and I went to The Carlisle instead, then headed to Montauk in the morning.  We still have parties at the cabin every summer. Our wedding was the first of many.