I will never forget when he sent me a bouquet of yellow roses to my apartment with a card that read, "I'm Your MAN."

Ironically, I met Theodore at Happy Ending on the Lower East Side. This was back when people met in person for the first time and had physical chemistry, which seems a bit archaic nowadays. At first glance my initial thoughts were, "Who is this person and did he ride a surfboard to NYC from California?" He was very different from any boy I had dated in New York. He was boyishly handsome, incredibly funny, and unusually forward and honest. He had no boundaries or reservations about who he was and what he wanted, including his intention of making me his wife one day. As vain as it sounds I always dated "boys" who were just like me. We would share clothes and jewelry and we had the same taste in everything. Theodore had many different tastes which made our bond very dynamic and interesting. I will never forget when he sent me a bouquet of yellow roses to my apartment with a card that read, "I'm Your MAN." That was what really got me. 



In the beginning, I was in Paris for Fashion Week and he was in Switzerland for a residency, and we planned a rendezvous in Morocco. We spent ten days traveling around the country. It was the most romantic time I have ever had. I felt so safe and protected and I knew that life with him would be the ultimate journey. One morning we woke up in the most beautifully decadent Riat that we were staying in. I felt like the most blessed person in the universe. That's the first time I can remember saying "I love you." A few years later he surprised me with a beautiful custom made engagement ring that he designed with one of my closest and most talented friends Meredith Kahn. He asked for my hand in marriage from my dad which was a tradition very important to me. I woke up and on my pillow was an embroidered black spirit sack and the ring fell out on a string when I opened it. I was barely awake, I thought I was dreaming. 


I was never the type of girl who had her wedding planned out since childhood. I did know that if and when I ever got married it was going to be on my dad's property upstate in Canaan, New York. When we found out I was going to be walking down the aisle at 7 1/2 months pregnant we were reconsidering having a wedding at all, but in the end we figured it would be the biggest celebration of our lives. We wrote our own vows, which we recited under a birch teepee overlooking the pond on the front lawn. We were burning solstice ritual incense and it was so quiet all you could hear were the sounds of the waterfall, the frogs and the birds. We had Veena Chandra and her son who are local musicians upstate playing the sitar as we walked down the aisle. It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. They sat on a blanket on the rock wall overlooking the pond and all of the guests. Our neighbors all the way up the hill opened their windows to hear more. Everyone we loved and adored were in the same place celebrating life and love, it was so sacred. 




I had a white wedding, everyone wore white including my bridesmaids. Planning the dresses for eight girls was the most difficult part of the wedding planning. They looked like angels in white with custom gold hair crowns. I chose my dress before I knew I was pregnant. The ladies at the atelier were absolute geniuses. They removed all of the boning so my belly could fit, while still keeping the incredible shape of the gown. The dress was flawless and it felt like heaven. I chose a chantilly lace cape for the ceremony, which I think tied the ethereal vibe of the wedding together. My friend designed my headpiece from vintage crystal.


There was so much dancing at the reception I can’t even believe my legs held me up that long. After the wedding I rested until I gave birth. That is how much dancing there was. We had the band Soul Sessions from Saratoga play, the MOST epic band to date. Garland Nelson is a rockstar. I would absolutely not change one thing. It was the most perfect day of my life. I handmade all of the feather seating cards, hand printed all of the menus, and hand wrapped lavender with a piece of crystal quartz for each one of the guests. I needed to be sure my energy went into all of the details to make it all very special. 




We didn't end up going on a honeymoon, as I gave birth to our son Jasper Jet Boyer. Since we had him, our life has been a honeymoon. This was the most incredible year of my life. It took all of my energy to make it so special, I feel like I can do anything now.


Pics by Paul Maffi