I mean, he had a cute face but I couldn't get passed his long, puffy, curly haired ponytail. 

I don't even remember how Scott and I met. We were in the same running circle in Seattle and we became good friends. I was not attracted to him at first — I mean, he had a cute face, but I couldn't get passed his long, puffy, curly haired ponytail. I was pretty one dimensional back then; I only dated rock climbers.



I moved to California where he visited me and impressed me with his mad culinary skills. Somehow his visit turned into an extended two year "staycation" until we moved to Boulder. The topic of marriage came up naturally — after running up mountains all over the world, having grand adventures, and making each other laugh, I knew I had finally found my match. When we bought our house together, it just felt right to get married.


I knew I wanted a unique dress, but didn't want anything too frilly or froo-froo — we were having a casual outdoor wedding, so anything too fancy would have felt out of place.

The ceremony was in two concentric stone circles on a hillside in Sunshine Canyon in Boulder. We gathered up a collection of colorful blankets and set those on the ground for people to sit on. The aisle was lined with fallen branches and pine cones. We hauled an old upright piano down the mountain side for ambiance.


My dad walked me down the aisle as my friend Caroline played the song, "Comptine D'un Autre Été: L'après Midi" from Amelie.


We wrote our own vows, but Scott is a seasoned public speaker so I was nervous I wouldn't be able to hold my own. I wrote down a collection of sentiments but wanted to keep it free flowing from the heart. I usually listen to music when I go for long runs, but instead I would practice saying my vows in my head. Neither of us used notes at all and thankfully I got to go first and totally nailed it.




After the vows and the I do's, our friend Brett Dennen played one of his songs "She's Mine" on his acoustic guitar. At the reception, he sang while Caroline played the piano to "Imagine".


We're both vegan so the menu was a vegan Asian fusion — food is a huge part of our lives and is an expression of love for us. Instead of having a receiving line, we put on aprons and served the food to our guests. Also, two days before our wedding day, Scott decided he wanted to make our wedding cake. So with the help of early arriving wedding guests, they whipped up eleven 100% raw vegan cheesecakes. My parents scooped up all the spring form pans at thrift stores and our best friends were cracking open young coconuts, soaking nuts, and pitting dates for hours. It was totally worth it because the cakes turned out to be unbelievable. A good friend of mine deejayed our reception, and there was dancing until 3:00 am. People ended up swimming in Boulder Creek and hooking up all over the place.




The morning after our wedding, we went for a ten mile group trail run in the summer heat — most of our guests were hung over, but props to those who rallied. Then I had my bridal shower (post wedding!) where we did yoga outside. Afterwards, we met up with the gents at the park and ate all the wedding leftovers, played music, tossed some frisbees and lazed around in the sun.


Pics by Louis Escobar