I broke my own rule of no kissing on the first date because, for some reason, I felt so instantly comfortable and safe with him.

Evan and I apparently knew each other since we were babies because our mothers are great friends and were roommates back in the 70s. When they had kids, they had us play together while we both lived in Chicago. My family moved away when I was young, but my mom always spoke of her dear friend (Evan's mom). No one ever mentioned she had an eligible son. So it wasn't until 2010 at Giordano's in Chicago that we met for the "first time," when our families had lunch together. We were friends from this point on and in 2012, we went on our first date when our paths crossed again in New York. 



Our first date was perfect, aside from the part where I was almost 2 hours late to the date. I was new to NYC at that time, so I underestimated the amount of time it took to get places in Manhattan. We had some amazing Mexican food, talked non-stop because we both felt so at ease. I broke my own rule of no kissing on the first date because, for some reason, I felt so instantly comfortable and safe with him. I felt like I knew him already. In essence, I already did.


Evan waited until I had graduated from grad school at Columbia to propose. He was also waiting to ask my father, in person, for my hand. Once he got approval he woke me up with coffee and taped to the mug was a note that said I'd be going to a day at the spa. Meanwhile he was gathering up things for a picnic in Central Park. We had my puppy, Teddy, in the park with us, and while we were eating Evan said he'd went ahead and got Teddy a doggy tag for his collar. I looked closely at the collar and saw it said "Brittany, Marry Me?"



Our wedding weekend was in Columbus, OH, which is where my parents and sister live. It was the most recent thing I had to a home-base (my family has lived in many cities). Also, it was a great center point between all of our Midwestern and East Coast friends and family. We both knew we wanted to have the traditional church component. We chose the Athletic Club because of their stunning ball room that was in line with my theme of Marie Antoinette and the Palace of Versailles. The weather was perfect that day. I woke up around 7 something AM (I am perpetually late, and was determined to be on time for my own wedding) and people started filtering in to the hotel suite where us girls got dressed. 


We are major dancers. We got tons of compliments on our music selections. We went with a DJ. Evan chose the entire music list (he DJs at home during his spare time). Everyone in our families and then majority of our friends are big into dancing. We shut the place down and then several of us headed out in downtown Columbus immediately afterward for an impromptu after-party. The wedding ended around midnight.



The best moment of the entire wedding was when everyone at the wedding encircled us, as Evan and I had our first dance to "Always and Forever" by Heatwave and everyone sang along. I was singing in Evan's ear, he was singing in mine and all of our guests serenaded us. It gives me chills every time I think about that moment.


For the cocktail hour, we had several hors d’oeuvres such as buffalo chicken sliders, chorizo empanadas with sweet plantains, artichoke-boursin fritters, an oyster bar, and a full cheese spread. For our late night snack, we flew in Lou Malnati's pizza from Chicago (Evan's favorite) and for dessert, in addition to cake, we had a Jeni's Ice Cream cart at our wedding, featuring some of our favorite flavors like goat cheese and cherry ice cream.


The only thing I would change would be I wish I had been coherent enough to spend more time at our post-wedding brunch the next day. I made it for like 10 minutes and then hid in a bedroom for the rest of the day and slept.