My husband and I were set up on a blind date by OUR GRANDMOTHERS. 

My husband and I were set up on a blind date set up by OUR GRANDMOTHERS. They've been playing bridge together for forty years. So "Fiddler On The Roof"; it's freakish and adorable. Obviously, because of the above, I thought he'd be a COMPLETE troll and up to my boobs, but I was delighted to find handsome, tall Harry. He was wearing Harvard ski team pants, which was a double whammy-- smart and a skier.


On our first date, we went to a French bistro, followed by a gay piano bar to meet some of my friends. A zillion of my friends are gay guys, I needed to know right off the bat if he was at all homophobic, like my ex-primate. To my pleasant surprise, he was kind, un-jaded, and overall, just so GOOD. 



My other boyfriends were smart and funny, but none felt like home. I actually knew he was "the one" after that first date. He put me in a taxi at 3:00 am, and at 3:17, I walked into my apartment, and the phone was ringing. I answered, and he said "I just wanted to make sure you got home OK." The next day I had brunch with my best friend, Vanessa, and said "I met my husband last night."


As for who said "I love you" first, it was me! We were in his loft in TriBeCa, and he just kissed me. Naturally I froze; that sucked. I felt like George fucking Costanza. But he said it back a few days later. He wanted to move in together after nine months of dating, and I basically said "no ring, no bring." He made it clear he would not leave me hanging. That whole cow-and-free-milk thing always freaked me out, but he proposed within a few months of moving in.




We were a 9/11 engagement, and everyone was in a panic about travel. War was imminent and a big, over-the-top wedding felt excessive and inappropriate. Instead, we got married at a beautiful, little art club in midtown called the Century Association. It was rainy, but perfect.


I broke down crying in my end-of-night toast and apologized that I was going totally Halle Berry (who'd just done the same at the Oscars). The morning of, I slept as late as I could and then ordered a vat of iced coffee. I think I had like five cups. An IV-drip would've been more efficient!


My cute dad, whom I worship, walked me down the aisle to the tune of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy." My wedding party consisted of my best friends, Vanessa, Jeannie, Lauren, Dana, and Lisa, plus Harry's two sisters, Bess and Sophie. Shoshanna Gruss designed custom chocolate-brown, raw silk bustiers, and long skirts. They carried pale pink ranunculus bouquets by Rob Wendt, fastened with brown satin ribbon with pearl-head pins.



We served caviar on a scallop shell, and filet mignon (vegetarians got wild mushroom risotto). Then we set off on our incredible Italy road trip. Looking back, I wouldn't have changed a thing.