Before I met Steve, I decided all men between the ages of 35 and 45 were douche-bags. I had basically given up hope.

Before I met Steve, I decided all men between the ages of 35 and 45 were douche-bags. I had basically given up hope. But Steve started coming to my yoga classes, and we would hang out afterwards, and I developed this crush on him. My birthday was coming up, and he bought me this coconut milk that I love and planned on giving it to me in class, but my stepfather had passed away so I wasn't around. When I finally came back to the studio, he gave it to me, and I was so touched.



He finally asked me out to dinner, and picked me up in a car service, which I thought was so sweet. We stayed at the restaurant for like five hours, and the rest is sort of history! We had been talking about getting married, but he did manage to surprise me with a proposal! He came to my Tuesday evening class, which was sort of a ritual at that point, and then we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Aurora in Williamsburg.


After dinner he wanted us to walk to the water to look at the full moon, but I was freezing and tired and just felt like getting my pajamas on. But he was being really persistent so I was like “ugh, okay”. I was being a total bitch about it. So we went by the water, and he said something like: "I just want to let you know that I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Then he asked if I wanted the same thing, and I was like “yeah.” Then it hit me and I was like “wait, are you proposing right now?!” And he opened up his hands and was holding the ring like a little butterfly, it was so beautiful.



I hate traditional weddings, so we considered eloping, but then decided we should just have a simple ceremony and a great dinner party instead. We wanted to celebrate, and we wanted to do it quickly! So we got married under a tree in Prospect Park. My mentor and friend who is also a yoga teacher officiated. We laid out a bunch of old yoga mats and made an aisle out of them. I wore an Azzedine Alaia white cocktail dress and Chanel shoes. Right after the ceremony, there was a rainbow.


We invited all of our friends to Aurora afterwards — the same restaurant where we ate the night Steve proposed — and had great food, amazing wine, and funny speeches. That night we went to The Wythe Hotel and stayed in this huge loft space. There was a great view of Manhattan, and we could see the Empire State Building. It was really romantic. We went to bed so late, got up early, and took our mini-moon in Montauk for a week. After being so “anti-wedding” for such a long time, my wedding was perfect.