The bouncer looked at Dave, asked if we were together and I said "yes". It was an instant match.

Dan and I met in a rock climbing gym; not a usual spot that either of us visited so it was a bit predestined I think. I knew that I was in trouble when I saw him- in the best way. I was considering a job out of state and was basically ready to move, and then that happened.


For our first date, we actually decided to meet at the same gym and rock climb again, but I wasn’t really sure if it was a date so I invited another guy friend. Dan ended up bringing a wing-man as well, but when we all went out for drinks after, Dan and I really clicked.



He’s very funny and was such a gentleman, kind of in an old-school way, which I found very sweet. He loves music and nature and health. It was really refreshing to be around him. He had also lived in a few different places around the county and I loved that sense restlessness and adventure in him. My other boyfriends I think were a bit more traditional; there is no one else quite like Dan.


I think when I decided to change my plans and stay in New York, I knew that this chance wasn’t going to come again, and that he was “the one.” Honestly, I think we felt really strongly about each other very early on and were both a bit afraid to actually say it, so we sort of got into this habit of saying “I’m so in love with you” and then somewhere along the way it became “I love you.” 


  1. Jordan + Dan
  2. Jordan + Dan
  3. Jordan + Dan


I do remember him asking me early on if we were going to get married and have kids, and I just started crying on the spot because I knew that was exactly what I wanted with him. I suppose that was the first time the topic of marriage came up. He proposed on Christmas Eve, at home with just the two of us; he was so nervous. He got down on one knee and opened the box and before he could get any words out to even ask I said yes. We had been dating almost two years and the ring was unique and classic and simple- perfect for me. That evening his family had its annual Christmas Eve party and no one knew he was going to propose so it was fun to go and announce it to everyone and have an impromptu celebration.


We had a small wedding, a nice dinner with fifty close family and friends. I was a very laid-back bride, though I did have a vision of what I wanted, too. We had it at the Lake Placid Lodge in Lake Placid, New York. We picked it because the area in the Adirondacks is really where we fell in love — we spent so much time there the first summer we were together getting to know each other while camping and rock climbing in the area. It holds a very special place in our lives and hearts.


The morning of our wedding, I was staying in a cabin with my mom so we made a fire and ordered breakfast in and relaxed in our pajamas until noon — it was really nice. My dad walked me down the aisle and we had an acoustic guitar and flute player, but honestly I barely remember hearing it, I was so overwhelmed. We wrote our own vows. I think that made it really special and honest and real, to say your own words to each other and make promises that are important to you both in your own way.



The wedding party consisted of my sister, who was my matron of honor, Dan’s sister who was a bridesmaid, and my nieces who were junior bridesmaids. They wore different dresses in shades of ivory in silk chiffon. My dress was perfect, I felt like it was made especially for me — it was exactly what I wanted to be that day: beautiful, unique, classic, and understatedly sexy. Also, my nephew was the ring bearer and he wore a chambray suit with a plaid bow tie and white bucks, and we realized when he was all dressed he looked exactly like PeeWee Herman, it was pretty funny.


We had several passed canapés and I remember eating one of them at the exact moment we were taken in to see the dining room, so there are a few pictures of my “reaction” and I literally have a giant steak puff pastry in my mouth. Really the food was amazing, we had a nice sit-down dinner with soup, salad, and seared tuna, steak, or duck. Everything was delicious. We ended it with pistachio cupcakes in honor of Dan’s grandmother’s recipe. Later on, we had the best band play: Sweet Megg and the Wayfarers. They play in New York all the time and I highly recommend seeing them play. There was dancing late into the night.


We stayed at the Lodge for our honeymoon in an amazing cabin on the lake with a hot tub on the deck and a sauna and room service — it couldn’t have been better. I wouldn’t change a thing about our wedding, it really was so perfect and lovely and intimate and everything I think a wedding should be. We were overjoyed to see our friends and family experience the Adirondacks, most for the very first time. I think they were able to better understand why it is such an important and spiritual place for Dan and me.