A few years later I was trolling around NY, and I just thought, "man I need a dude!"

I met Gordon at a seedy bar in L.A. called "The Drawing Room." It would get packed really early, so my friends and I had this practice where we would double fist so that we wouldn't have to go back up to the bar during the rush. So this time we got our drinks but when we went back to our seats, Gordon and his friends were sitting there. He said something like "is that other drink for me" and that started the whole courtship.  We dated for three months, and then I moved to New York. Two or three years later my band was going to LA for a show and we all stayed at Gordon's house. I tried to hook up with him but he wouldn't do it because he had a girlfriend and he wouldn't cheat on her. It pissed me off. But I thought, what a great guy! He always had this place in my mind like "ah what a good guy".


A few years later I was trolling around NY, and I just thought, "man I need a dude!" So I literally lit a candle and like, cast a spell to attract my perfect mate. I basically wrote down everything I wanted in a man, no matter how trivial or silly or superficial it seemed. And I started thinking about Gordon. And my best friend called me at that moment and I was crying and screaming that I loved Gordon. When I got off the phone with her I checked my email, and I had an email from him! We hadn't spoken in probably six months. It was magic. And basically we just picked up where we left off.



After staying with him in LA for a few months we packed up his truck with all our shit, and drove across the country to NY. We lived together for four or five years, and had been talking about getting married. We went to Doyle and Doyle on the Lower East Side and I was like "I don't want a diamond." And then I saw this vintage diamond ring and I was like "I want that one." He still managed to surprise me with a proposal though. I'm really into crystals and gems and a few days later he was like "oh my god, there's this crystal on the windowsill that I really want you to tell me about!" And I was like "aw you want to learn about crystals baby!?" And he was like yeah look at this one! And it was my ring!


I found this white tunic in LA — I couldn't really tell what it was, but it was like eight bucks, and it was just great.  It was old and Mexican and had cool braided fringe on the bottom and the sleeves, and I got a fancy green and gold sash to put around it and cinch in. And I wore my white moccasins. I remember reading this book when I was little, I think it was called "The Southern Belle Primer" or something, I don't know, it was this silly-ass book, but it said that every girl should be whoever she wants to be on her wedding day. And I wanted to be a crazy-beautiful Cherokee princess. And my friend made me a golden veil with rose quartz strings or something, I don't know, it was crazy.




We got married in Austin. My rule for weddings is this: if you have a lot of friends and can't pick your bridesmaids just pick your friends who will actually help you. And my girls helped so much that I think they're totally responsible for my wedding even happening at all! There is a barn on the property that we wanted to use, and so we had a "barn decorating party" where we had pizza and made everyone help us decorate. I told my guests to come in something Western festive or magical festive. That sets the vibe, you know like, "this is how we roll." 


The morning of my wedding the women all threw me a little brunch. And we had rented a little house next to Gordon's uncle's, so I got ready there and we did a big pow-wow. One of my priestess friends led a four directions prayer, and I got super holy, and it was just this beautiful women's house. Finally we were ready for the actual ceremony. I was an only child, my mom was a single parent, and she walked me from the house to the dock. After the ceremony we all went to the barn and danced. I was so tired I had to take a nap in the middle of reception. The next day we all went to this resort nearby and swam and relaxed. And Gordon got me pregnant. Ha! The moral of the story is always cast a spell to get your dude.